Vichy Neovadiol Compensating Complex | Advanced Replenishing Concentrate

Vichy Neovadiol Compensating Complex | Advanced Replenishing Concentrate

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Beautiful  sunshine here today in Surrey, hope you are not snowed in or being blown away by these crazed storms we keep having. 

I was recently approached by Vichy to take a look at a new range specifically designed for Menopausal skin Neovadiol Compensating Complex, no clue why they should ask me?  LOL  as If I am old enough to have such symptoms !

I think I touched on the topic when I did a post a while back on ageing, if you are anything like me, you will know the trauma's that go along with the flippin Menopause too well and could probably write a book of your own on the subject.  I digress............. FINALLY our skin during this horrible time has been recognised and Vichy have taken 14 years research to come up with a solution to the unpredictable nature of Menopausal skin. 

Vichy Neovadiol Compensating Complex | Advanced Replenishing Concentrate

I am not getting technical with you as I am not a scientist, but apparently DHEA is the most abundant steroid in the skin, at 25 it's production peaks and by 70 we are left with only 10% of it's maximum concentration.   How fabulous for us another thing to worry about.   The clever men in white coats have come up with what could be the answer for us "warm" girls,  by concentrating on this hormone the Vichy Neovadial Range was formulated to give increased hydration and thickness of the skin, with a decrease in pigmentation  ( polite word for age spots )  please don't look at the back of my hands, I am convinced they are freckles !

As always with Vichy the products are ideal for sensitive skin.

Vichy Neovadiol Complexe Compentatiore | Advanced Replenishing Concentrate

The first Product in this range I want to bring you is the Neovadiol Advanced replenishing concentrate.  or to you and I Serum. 

  This for me was perfect as a stand alone product and needed no layering of other moisturisers, it went on like a dream the serum actually turns into almost water as you apply it, so spreads really easily, is quickly absorbed and leaves no traces of oil or grease on your skin at all, I loved this feeling for no make up days, it also gives you a little glow due to containing subtle golden micro pearls that are invisible to the naked eye.
 I did try it under make up as it left an almost primed base and it worked really well with foundation.  The fresh soft feeling lasted all day,  Vichy recommend that you can use this under your usual day / night care, but in all honesty I found it enough as a stand alone product.

The 30 ml pump dispenser supplied enough product in one pump for your face and neck, one more pump would cover your decolletage.
Suitable for all skin types.
No Parabens.

It is a breath of fresh air to me that this range is specifically designed for menopausal skin, I will also be bringing you Vichy Neovadiol Advanced Replenishing Care very soon,  and if you are Post Menopause it is worth looking at Vichy Neoavadiol Magistral Elixir and Day Cream which a specifically for Post Menopause. 

This link will take you to Vichy Neovadiol Advanced Replenishing Concentrate

Vichy-Neovadiol-Magistral-Balm-50ml On Offer

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  1. I am 31 and I started using this product a month back, it's added radiance to my otherwise lustre lack skin,my pores have shrunk, skin is visibly brighter,my skin feels and looks so much better than before .I love my skin again. Xoxo...looking forward to getting my next bottle of magic potion soon..


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