UFIT Protein Nutrition Drink

UFIT Protein Nutrition Drink

 Hi again gorgeous

Protein drinks are nothing new and there are thousands of different ones to choose from, in fact it's pretty complicated market if you are new to protein, I am not going to go into the benefits and science of it all that information is easy to find with a google search, what I will say though is that I am a massive fan of protein and use it daily.

I was really lucky to meet Co Owner Huw Miller recently from the Ufit Protein Drinks Company, we chatted about the product and protein content etc, where he explained to me the magic of the bottle containers these drinks come in, I have no idea how it works but they need no refrigeration and are perfectly chilled at all times !  amazing, you can leave them for a day in your gym bag, and lo and behold a chilled drink for when you are ready :)

Now to the taste. as you can see they contain 22g of protein which makes them no lightweight drink, I tried both the Strawberry and Chocolate and can honestly describe them as divine, if you have a sweet tooth, these really do hit the spot.   I have been using these this past week as part of my diet.  I logged back into fitness pal and aimed for 10k a day steps of my fitbit,  I didn't make 10k a day, I did however incorporate these drinks into my 1200 cal a day allowance and am delighted to say this week I lost 6lb.  NOW  I am not saying it was all down to these drinks, but I am saying they certainly helped, I had one for breakfast and one for lunch on busy days as meal replacements, they are not sold as these but it worked for me.

My next step, is to get back to some weight training, and I will be trying out the Ufit Pro50 shake with a whopping 50 grams of protein. 

My understanding is that UFIT is available from most leading supermarkets, Or Here  UFIT DRINKS

Love N Hugz
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  1. Wow, 6lbs! Well done!
    I love these drinks, but I only ever pick them up when they're on offer as I find them a little on the pricey side. I'm impressed that they stay chilled, I had no idea! x

    1. Hi Laura, I know what you mean about the cost, need to keep an eye out for offers :)
      Lyn x


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