Dressing Sexy at 60

White Self Stripe Cold Shoulder £28.00
Hi My Darlins

This is a bit of a random post, it's one of those where the thought popped into my head and I wanted to share.  While I am a few months off of being 60 it made for a catchy title :)

Is it possible to be sexy at 60 ?  what is sexy even ?  I have heard it said that we either dress for men or other women, I personally don't hold with this view, I do however get the theory behind it, there are women, and yes we all know at least one that clearly dresses for the attention of the male species, to be honest this does kind of amuse me, as we all know that most men are simple creatures and whilst a certain part of their anatomy may appreciate this look, they ain't taking you home to meet the family !

All Saints Cold Shoulder Dress 

Dressing for other women ?  well that's nice and possibly more normal, but to be honest I really don't care if you like my outfit, in the nicest way possible, I'm happy if you do but I don't get dressed aiming to please anyone, I do me, and on that note this is where the thinking behind this post comes from.

Fab Value £19.50 up to size 22 At M&S

At a certain age we have to concede to the fact that certain body parts should not under any circumstances be on display, unless of course you are on a remote Island off Bora Bora when the only thing you could scare is the wildlife :)  but under normal daily circumstances I think it's de rigour to keep it covered, UNLESS it's a cheeky showing of a random body part that we don't give a lot of thought to !

Gorgeous little bargain at £13.00 La Redoute 

Shoulders..........yep, stay with me here, how bloody lovely are shoulders, ha ha I bet you haven't given them a lot of thought on a daily basis, but I have been a lover of off shoulder clothing for years, baggy tee shirts that just happen to slip off one shoulder, bardot style tops, and now........how lucky are we that it's the fashion to have a wardrobe full of what are called cold shoulder tops, I have spent years searching out this style from the states and now the UK shops are full to the brim of this fab style that totally suits any age, the only downside being that at our age they may be a bit chilly and the look gets totally spoiled by a cardi LOL.

How do you feel about showing off your bits ? is it something you happily do ? let me know your thoughts.

Love n Hugz
Lyn x

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  1. Loving your post, I thought my neckline was too scraggy for a little off the shoulder number these days but the model in the top picture looks great in spite of those bones. One of my favourite looks will definitely try some tops now, but still think a little flesh is good for this look, shame mines all on my bottom half :-) Kathryn

    1. Oh Kathryn just go for it, the beauty of this type of style is that it covers the worst bit of our arms lol. I am a pear too ; )

      Lyn x


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