Denim Mini Skirt

Hiya Darlins

I just saw an ad on a very trendy clothing site for denim mini skirts, apparently they are the "new" thing.

One of the joys of being a old crone is that nothing is "new" anymore and you can have a little grin to yourself at the thought that once in your life you were trendy, the downside being is that had you have been a clothing hoarder you could have made a killing selling your trendy wares on Depop.

It wasn't 5 minutes ago that denim mini skirts were only available in charity shops, and only sold to the kind of girl that had blue white corn beef legs, and wore flip flops in the snow, that said at this age everything seems like 5 minutes ago when it reality it was donkeys years.  I am very much in the " I will wear what I want"  camp, don't tell me what I can wear at this age blah blah , that said, a denim mini skirt ?   nahhhhhh 

It's funny though as I am totally contradicting my usual views about age having no barrier when it comes to clothing, but actually it does I guess, at what age is a body con bandage dress unacceptable ?  shorts in winter ? or the fore mentioned denim mini skirt ?   how many times have you stood and lusted after a pair of sky scrapper high shoes, knowing full well that you would either fall over and break your neck or walk like a new born giraffe ?   me personally tons of times lol, shoes were always my thing, and shamed as I am to say it I will buy a pair that I 100% know I will never walk in, just in case by some miracle my powers of balance redeem themselves. 

When did we become Comfy ?  when did the idea of buying shoes a size too small because that's all they had in the shop and you had to have them, seem abnormal ?

I have depressed myself enough now,  and it's time to sleep dreaming of padded insoles and cardi's.

Love N Hugz
Lyn x