Bargain Make Up Brushes of the Century

Bargain Make Up Brushes of the Century

Hiya Darlins

Pretty right ?  I have to start by saying I do not need another brush, I probably have enough to last me as long as I will be painting this old face of mine, that said........just look, the shiny shiny colours and perfectly baby soft bristles.

Bargain Make Up Brushes of the Century

I know that right now some of you really clever girls are looking at this going, oh but it's not a MAC 45689756875735976976 or a Zoeeva $$&%(&(^(^(  and you are right, they aint. But I am no make up artist either and for a lot of us ladies of a certain generation that fact that we even own brushes let alone know the flippin numbers is a miracle in itself.  I must admit that I actually like the whole playing make up with brushes sponges etc,  whether I actually know what I am doing is another matter, as long as the end result doesn't scare small children and animals I know I'm good to go.

Bargain Make Up Brushes of the Century

I will hold my hands up and say I have watched YouTube videos and lasted after such tool perfection, but surely that's the point, to make us lust.  I personally could not justify in this lifetime £60++++ pounds for a make up brush.

The brushes I currently own are The whole set from Make Up Revolution in Rose Gold, why did I buy them ?  ahem "Rose Gold "   turns out they were good brushes into the bargain lol,  I also have a go to collection of Lab2 brushes which are a marvel for old birds like me, each one has it's use printed on the handle !!  These were gifted to me by Lab 2, and are probably the most used.

Bargain Make Up Brushes of the Century

My reason for buying this new set of 7 shiny shiny babies was the price, nothing more nothing less, The whole flippin set including postage was £5.88  YEP £5.88.

Having used them I cant see the difference in any other brush that I own, they wash well, go back into shape, and the thing that REALLY shocked me was no hair loss.

Even If I don't use these brushes ever again, that make fab photo props, so win win.

Bargain Make Up Brushes of the Century

The Little Black foundation brush was a separate purchase again, works well, although I have yet to decide if these brushes are better than flat foundation brushes with a blender, but again such a stupid price, I was there click clicking away !  £2.58 including postage.

Tonsee® Pro Cosmetic Makeup Face Powder Blusher Toothbrush Curve Foundation Brush

Tonsee® 7PCS Cosmetic Make up Tool Brush Makeup Brush Eyeshadow Brush Set

Love N Hugz
Lyn X

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  1. I just came across your blog on it! And can I just say, you're gorgeous ^_^

  2. Hi Slylvia, Glad you like the blog, thanks for reading.
    Lyn x


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