Back In The Game

Hiya Darlins

apologies for being MIA for the last couple of weeks, maybe you have enjoyed the break from my constant rambling :)

I have been totally floored by a revolting Virus, the lickle beastie started off as a sore throat and temperature, and as we do as women I dismissed it as ( just a cold )  ohhhh noooo I totally underestimated the power of this devil, every single day It struck me with something new, and instead of improving daily as I expected I ended up worse and worse, with no sleep a bleeding throat, a closed eye and culminating in a hideous chest infection,  so a vision of loveliness I certainly wasn't, I think I probably attempted to get dressed twice in the 13 days I was poorly, like 99% of women I never ever take to my bed and usually battle through, not this time, I got up for the bathroom only. 

 Eventually having tried twice to get a doctors appointment and failed, my daughter took the bull by the horns, got the appointment and rang with the words " get dressed you are going to the Doctors in 15 Min's I am on my way"  not one to be messed with my girl, the poor receptionist probably didn't know what hit her. 

So there I was with the doctor getting anti biotics and being told off for not visiting earlier !  I was too tired to argue lol.

Within a couple of days I managed to sleep through a whole night, and am now back in the game, so my apologies to all  the companies and PR agencies that are cursing me for not attending appointments for two weeks and not getting my work out, I have been having my own pity party for one. 

I 100% hope that you all manage to avoid these horrible bugs that are going around, stay safe and warm.

Love n Hugz

Lyn x


  1. Glad to have you back! Sounds awful x hope we can catch up soon xx

    1. Thanks Hazel, I wouldn't wish it on anyone :)

      Lyn x


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