Zipvit Sport products review

Hi Darlins

The lovely people at Zipvit Sport contacted me recently ( they must have taken pity on my poor weight loss efforts  )  and very kindly sent me an array of products from their website.

I had not discovered them before, but I am now really happy I have, Mr LB is totally obsessed, and I will tel you why.

I was sent.

Zipvit Sport products review

A handy drinks bottle.

 ZV8  Energy Bars 

Mr LB tried these out for me, as I follow a low carb diet. these contain up to 39.4g of carbs.  Now this is the product he is absolutely bonkers about, saying that they are the only energy bar he has tried that he actually believes give him more energy !!!!  who am I to argue with that.

Zipvit Sport products review

ZV0 Electrolyte Drink

These Watermelon flavoured tablets are just fab for replacing lost Electrolytes during training, I loved these effervescent tablets, much more effective than plain water, also said to aid fat burning. 
1 box containing 20 tablets. I loved these, really refreshing and convenient. 

Zipvit Sport products review

Sports Multivitamins

These you need to take 2 per day, no additional vitamins or minerals need be taken while using these. obviously I cannot report on the effects of these.

High Strength Omega 3  1000mg 

Containing EPA and DHA  1-2 per day. 
I cannot report the effects of these, although I will say it is something I will always take as an aid to general health and skin health.

I have now had some time to spend on the Zipvit Sport website and can report that everything you need for sports health and nutrition is there, and at very reasonable prices.

Find Zipvit Sport  Here 

Love n Hugz
Lyn x