What's Your Blogging Agenda ?

Hi Darlins

this post is really for all the bloggers out there, I don't suppose it will be of much interest to anyone else :)

I keep seeing various posts / statuses that quite frankly baffle me, there are lots of various little sayings floating around that are specifically used by bloggers, ( of all ages )  before I start getting anyones back up, this is not a criticism of the way anyone works, it is merely an observation on my part.

So, really here's the thing ?  why do you blog ?

I very recently had a conversation with a well known blogger/vlogger who asked me outright why I blog, the question kind of took me back a bit as I had never given it a lot of thought, and the dumb answer would be  * I don't know, I just do *  what she said really gave me food for thought, in her opinion everyone has an agenda. 

That really got me thinking about a lot of the things I have seen online,  terms like * blogging goals *  *upping my insta game *  etc.    WTF does all this mean ? someone please explain to me what the hell a blogging goal  is ?  and why you would plan your instagram timeline ?  maybe I am just old, or not down with the kids, but I honestly thought instagram was just a photo platform, not a medium in which to impress people to the point that you thought about how it looked to others ?  which led me onto the thinking about why people blog ?   I seem to see so many bloggers out there desperate to impress other bloggers, or envying another persons work, that's all well and fine, BUT blogging is about you, your style, your loves etc, and while it's ok to admire someone else's gorgeous pictures and want to improve your own, needing to impress anyone else is a disaster for your self esteem.  People read your work therefore YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH !

My agenda ?  I gave up my business, housework alone is not stimulating enough for me, I love talking be it in Real life or on my blog. 

Would love some comments on this subject, good or bad, I am a big girl and can take it.

Love n Hugz
Lyn x


  1. Great post! I sort of stumbled into it as I had a pal who wrote a craft/sewing blog. I knew beauty would be my main topic but also like writing about other things. I do it first and foremost for myself and if people read it - it's a bonus! x

    1. I think we all kind of fall into it Sandy, but soon realise life without blogging really wouldn't be the same :)

      Lyn x

  2. All this #goals type comments are getting on my wick to be quite frank. Yes I want to improve what I do, perhaps style my photos better but that's for the readers not to impress other bloggers. I think that if you are just trying to impress others you are fighting a losing battle. I blog because I love doing it and I love to share things I have found, not to get freebies or try to look better than other people. As I can't work for health reasons, I can blog and it gives me something to do that I can look forward to. Being stuck at home can be very isolating and I love the communication that having a blog brings me xx

  3. Glad to hear how much pleasure you get from Blogging Lucy, I think it's perfect for people stuck at home, we make friendships through our mutual passions.

    Lyn x


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