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 Hi Darlins

Today I wanted to bring you the ultimate kit from the skincare company Verso, as you know I have written about this brand before so won't go into the history of Verso again, you can read it here 

Verso Skincare 1 2 3 4 review

Verso's Patented Super 8 encourages cells to mimic the behaviour of younger skin, and this set brings you the  1 2 3 essentials, 

Verso Skincare 1 2 3 4 review

Number 1 is the Foaming Cleanser 

This 90ml pump action bottle is a bit deceptive with it's title, it's not just a foaming cleanser, it is a rich, thick creamy jem of a cleanser, you smooth it all over in small circular motions and rinse off with cool water in the mornings and warm water in the evenings. really gentle with a mild fresh fragrance.  It left my skin feeling super clean  with no irritation or redness and ready for moisturiser. 

Verso Skincare 1 2 3 4 review

Number 2 Day Cream 
 This 50 ml Pump delivers just the right amount of product in one pump, With Verso's famous Retinal 8 formula, which is 8 times more powerful than standard Retinol but formulated to be kind on skin, this cream leaves your face feeling soft, fresh and hydrated, it actually lasts all day, which is my must have for any good moisturiser, it's no good ending the day looking dry and tired, this is non greasy and has a moisture that holds throughout the day.

Number 3 Night Cream

50ml pump again delivers just the right amount for your face and neck, at night I like to use my creams on my decolletage, so an additional pump is needed. again with Retinol 8, you know that you have super goodness working it's magic throughout the night. A light no greasy formula which is ideal for bedtime.

Verso Skincare 1 2 3 4 review

Number 4 is the Super Facial Serum
I like to use this before Moisturising and after cleansing, it just gives the perfect base for moisturiser for me, although I have heard of users skipping the moisturiser level and just using the serum alone, I think it's a personal preference, but as my skin is mature and leans towards dryness I like to give it all the help I can. And this is the perfect combination for me.  30ml pump container again, just one pump is all that's needed.

Verso Skincare 1 2 3 4 review

The thing I love about Verso, is how it under estimates itself, the simple clean packaging is understated and hold no grand statements, giving you little clue to the goodness inside, in my opinion it is one of those brands that doesn't need an all singing  and dancing troop of cheerleaders, the products speak for themselves.

Numbers  1 2  3  can be purchased together in the Time Reverse Series Box,  Verso Time Reverse Series  or individually  Verso skincare  if you prefer,   number 4 Super facial Serum is available separately.

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