Superdrug Top To Toe Pamper Evening for Under £3.00

Hiya Gorgeous,

Fancy a top to toe pamper for no money at all, well around £2.98 !!!!!  not possible ?  it is with these upcoming products from our friends at Superdrug.

Superdrug Top To Toe Pamper Evening for Under £3.00

Starting at the top, Anti- Frizz Hair Treatment Mask 
This once weekly Hair mask contains Pro vitamin B5, Papaya Extract and Argan oil, literally wash hair, smooth in Conditioning mask and leave for 5 minutes, I actually left it longer while in the shower. Resulting in a fabulous condition and a lot less static.

Superdrug Top To Toe Pamper Evening for Under £3.00

Next up we have, Black Seaweed Peel Off Mask  containing Laver Seaweed and Buckthorn, this is ideal if you have oily skin, I don't but I just wanted to try out a black mask, simply apply to cleansed skin leave for 10-20 minutes, I did 10 as my skin isn't oily, let it dry and peel off, there was some residue left that just rinsed off.

Superdrug Top To Toe Pamper Evening for Under £3.00

And Finally,  Peppermint and Pumice Foot Scrub. This contains Peppermint and Spearmint Oil with natural pumice,  This was foot heaven, cooling and refreshing while leaving softer skin on the feet. I think this would be great once a week, apply to dry clean feet, massage in and leave for 5-10 minutes, don't fall asleep while relaxing :)  rinse off with warm water.

Superdrug Top To Toe Pamper Evening for Under £3.00

So there you go, these great new sachets will become available during February and really are worth a little try for a bargain pamper evening. 

I have based the cost on the masks at at Superdrug being 99p

In the meantime there are plenty of masks here to choose from.

Love n Hugz
Lyn x

May contain PR/Brand samples.


  1. I love those little packets! They're so convenient! And, you know, super affordable - who doesn't need an affordable pamper night? :)


    1. So right Erin, plus a bit of fun for no money at all :)
      Lyn x


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