Hiya Darlins, may not be into fitness or even looking to lose weight, like me, but I have discovered something that once you have tried you will never want to take off.

I was very kindly given some Proskins Leggings to try, yes leggings, now don't you be thinking oh how boring is that !   these are not just any old leggings that you get in a certain fabulous cheapo fashion store at 2 for £7.00 oh no no.


Being the ever cynical old bird that I am I thought, probably like you, ok a pair of black leggings that's nice.

I swear on all things cake related, you have NEVER and I really do mean never have put anything as comfortable on in your life !   If I went out in jim jams they wouldn't feel like these, the quality and fit is second to non, the name Proskins is so perfect for these, Kudos to whoever came up with that name, they are literally like a second skin, you don't even know you have them on.

I went for the high waisted version, as a having ( lets be nice here ) a bit of a tummy LOL I didn't want said tummy trying to escape over the top of these while I was exercising,            stop laughing, I do sometimes.

They are perfect, so perfect that I actually got disappointed when they were in the wash !


This is what Proskins say. 
Slim is constructed from patented micro-encaspuslated yarn containing active slimming ingredients. These ingredients combined with high tech compression improves overall skin condition, leaving your skin soft, smooth and firm.


Slim by Proskins use advanced technology fabric to ensure function, innovation and versatility.
COMPRESSION FABRIC - A controlled level of pressure promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, flushing fluid and toxins which would cause cellulite out of the body. The appearance of cellulite is reduced, giving a more even skin tone through the strengthening of connective tissues in the legs, buttocks and hips. 
PATENTED MICRO-ENCAPSULATED YARN - The fabric is impregnated with micro-capsules containing the finest active natural ingredients. These are massaged into the skin during wear, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth. The micro-capsules in the fabric are guaranteed to remain in the fabric for at least 100 washes.
 What the micro-capsules contain:
  • Caffeine: A renowned active slimming agent that activates micro-circulation and promotes fat destruction.
  • Retinol: A skin regenerator which stimulates collagen, giving a youthful appearance.
  • Vitamin E: An antioxidant that helps the skin appear young and fresh.
  • Aloe Vera: A plant extract that makes the skin feel smoother and softer.
  • Ceramides: Restores the skin's barrier system providing immediate tensor effect.
  • Fatty Acids: Natural ingredients existing in our skin. They are the perfect vehicles to improve the penetration of the rest of the active ingredients into the skin.
I must admit to being a bit worried at the word, Compression, I had visions of trying to impersonate a Black Pudding, squeezing into these, not at all, they are lightweight, super smooth, magic.

They come in all different ranges, with some fabulous designs for the more adventurous, with other clothing to match, I would literally live in this companies warehouse and never leave.

NB: NON of the pictures in this post are my rear, I would not subject my gorgeous readers to that shock x

Find Proskins HERE 

Love n Hugz
Lyn x