Goldfadden MD Doctors Scrub

Hiya Darlins.

as you know I am a bit obsessive with cleansers, masks, exfoliators etc, I have seriously been considering a full on peel of late but honestly don't know if I am brave enough to go through the whole lizard look for days.
Goldfadden MD Doctors Scrub review

I honestly don't know if I am eloquent enough to full describe my excitement to you about this product that I have tried, tested and become totally obsessed with.
Goldfadden MD Doctors Scrub review

You may or may not have heard of Goldfadden MD   I had heard of it, but never tried anything from the range until I was fortunate enough to receive this in the post to review. On opening the jar I just had the feeling it was going to be good, it is full of thousands of tiny finely milled rubies.
Goldfadden MD Doctors Scrub review

 Keen to give it a try I followed the instructions, using the product with dry skin and dry fingers, you only need the smallest amount. OMG it was like using the finest ever sander on your skin, I cannot imagine you would get a better result from a salon  microdermabrasion session.  This product is NOT for anyone not serious about their skincare, It could come as a bit of a shock to you at just how powerful it is, I was in my element, I have used multiple scrubs before, mostly feel as though they have a couple of grains that actually scratch rather than exfoliate.  I was in exfoliation heaven, The key here is gently does it, no need to go at your face as though you were sanding furniture, the result was just amazing, slightly pink, glowing and honestly the smoothest I have ever felt my skin in my life !!!

Goldfadden MD Doctors Scrub review

Followed by a night oil, I woke up with the best skin I could possibly have imagined. 
This is totally how I would expect to feel if having a salon treatment. The beauty though is that I have used a tiny amount out of the 100ml jar, so I can scrub away to my hearts content.

I am not going to ramble on about ingredients etc you can read that for yourself , but what I will say, is Goldfadden MD were the first Dermatologist developed natural brand of skincare .

Organic, no animal testing, paraben free, mineral oil free, alcohol free, silicone free, gluten free, 100% vegetarian. for all skin types.

This is my first foray into this brand, it 100% will not be the last. 

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