Dr Perricone No Lipgloss Lipgloss

Dr Perricone No Lipgloss Lipgloss review

Hiya Darlins 

this is a seriously cool product if you are a lover of a natural face look, I have previously posted about another product from this range the No blush blush  from Dr Perricone, now here we have the No lipgloss lipgloss.

Dr Perricone No Lipgloss Lipgloss review

I am a huge lover of glosses and prefer them to lipsticks for a softer look, but I do like to feel as though I am wearing make up, so this came as a bit of a shock to me, as it claims to be anti ageing blah blah, I was REALLY cynical, but very pleasantly surprised, firstly it is a light non sticky formula, a good sized 0.11oz and importantly is a non-chemical mineral-based SPF 15 with zinc oxide which helps protect the lips from harmful UVA/UVB rays, the thing I found totally amazing about this was that on applying it my lips instantly looked different, staring in the mirror I realised the colour had changed to the exact colour my natural lips were in my youth, until that point I hadn't in all honesty realised that they had faded with age ! seriously, who knew ?  it had never occurred to me before, the result was lovely, smoother, younger looking lips.  

Dr Perricone No Lipgloss Lipgloss review

Trust me, I know how nuts this sounds but it was a true revelation to me, I would use this on days when I wasn't wearing make up, or when using a light look.  It is so perfect for anyone that wants a natural healthy look.

To be fair, I should have known better than to be cynical, I have never been let down by Dr Perricone products ever before, and this was no exception.

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