Dermologica Our Favourites Limited Edition Set

Dermalogica’s Our Favourites Kit is a great way of trying out some of the brand’s hero products.

Dermologica |  Our Favourites Limited Edition Set

I don't usually copy from a companies website, but this I wanted to share with you.
We're Not Pretty.
(Or beautiful. Or pampering. Or luxury.)
We"re far too interested in guiding you to a new level of skin health fitness! So, while our packaging may not be designed to color-coordinate with your bathroom, you can always be sure that we"ve spent our time on delivering your skin the high-performance formulas it needs. Plus, we"ll never use common "beauty" ingredients like Mineral Oil, Lanolin, artificial colors and fragrances or other cheap fillers. Sure, it"s easier to formulate with them, but the bottom line is they"re just bad for your skin. Instead, we use ingredients that we know will work – our confidence founded by skin care professionals worldwide who use our products in their treatment rooms every day because they get results.

Dermologica |  Our Favourites Limited Edition Set

 Starting with
 Daily Microfoliant
This I found totally amazing, a really fine white powder that mixes to an almost soapy paste, applied to clean skin and rinsed off with warm water, my skin looked and felt amazing after using this. Can be used daily, to be honest I think this could become addictive !

 Multi-Active Toner
After cleansing you spray this toner all over your face and neck, I love the idea of a spray, it refreshed my skin and felt lovely, it did say close eyes, I thought I had but opened them a little too soon and had a bit of a sting, nothing major, and my fault, but do take care.

 Skin Hydrating Masque
Oh my lord, I do love a mask, and this really is right up there in the wonderful stakes, it glides on and just simply moisturises, like giving your skin the best drink ever, mine loved it, and was left really hydrated and feeling glowing.

 and finally the Multivitamin Power Firm ( Age Smart)
This Powerful firming complex is designed to combat fine lines around the eye area, I literally used the tiniest amount on my ring finger, I covered the whole eye area, and saw a noticeable difference in the texture of the skin, I would use this both day and night, and works beautifully under make up.

Dermologica |  Our Favourites Limited Edition Set

This little set is an absolute dream if you are looking to discover Dermalogica, as I honestly think it would lead you on to wanting to try other products or the full size versions.   Or like me, I would have this fabulous little skincare arsenal in my holiday skincare kit.  This would make a great gift if you wanted to give a skin care addict friend a gift that they would truly adore.

Dermologica OUR FAVOURITES Limited Edition Set  

Love n Hugz
Lyn x


  1. Dermologica daily microfoliant is the best exfoliant I've ever used for my mildly sensitive skin with rosacea. No nasties, no scent, just a gentle, soothing exfoliant. I use it once or twice a week, but only because of the rosacea, otherwise I certainly would use it every day, brilliant. And it lasts for ages - don't use too much!

    And the Dermologica Skin Hydrating mask - drink is the word Lyn, fabulous. Haven't tried the others in the kit, and Dermologica is not easy to get hold of unless you go online. Where did you get yours?

  2. Hiya Flora Lingfield, I placed a link on the blog post to buy this online, I don't know of anywhere locally we can buy this, I do everything online :)

    Lyn x


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