Hi My Darlins,

Here's something a bit fabulous for you, just launched this week by the skincare experts at Dermalogica. 

I have as you know talked about blurring products in the past as they seem to be the thing of the moment, if you don't know what they are I promise you will be pretty excited to try this one out, I know most of my readers are not of the selfie generation, but we all want to look halfway decent in a photo, this is the miracle product that you will come to fall in love with and probably use on a daily basis, as the difference you see in  the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is nothing less that miraculous. As if by magic fine lines and wrinkles are blurred giving the appearance of a smoother more moisturised complexion.



It has been said that models use these products when on photo shoots for the perfect looking complexion, we we may not be models but who says we can't have perfection ?

Dermalogica are such a trusted brand you just know that anything they produce is going to be fabulous, ( and do what it says on the box )  this is no exception, I used this Hydrablur Primer this morning, it is the lightest finest formula ever, and the finish it leaves is just sheer perfection, it also contains moisturisers  to keep your skin hydrated all day without looking greasy or shiny,  and if you are wondering what the little grey gizmo is in the photos, it is a little slide to put over the end of the tube to ensure you get out every last drop of product, I LOVE THIS I have never ever seen one included in a product before, a lot of companies have such awkward packaging you waste half the product trying to get the last out, or they run out before you can even see the contents. 

This little gem is going to be on your daily must have list before you know it.

I do have more Dermalogica products to share with you soon, watch this space. 

Find Hydrablur Primer HERE

Love n Hugz
Lyn x