Aldi Lacura Grape Therapy Review

Hiya Darlins,

We all like a bargain, but some bargains are not always what they seem, my Mum always used to say "buy cheap get cheap"  or "you get what you pay for "  Bless her....... WRONG !  

Aldi Lacura Grape Therapy Review

In some cases I may agree, but over the years I have found anything from Aldi Lacura to be the exception to those sayings, I remember driving miles years ago to find the Snake Venom Serum that came in a syringe, way way before there was anything else like it on the market.

And this newest range from Aldi is no exception. The New Grape Therapy Range is fabulous, it is for Normal to Dry skin, and is designed to protect the skin from the first signs of ageing.

You will have probably by now started to hear the news about the benefits of Grape to the skin, The Grape seed oil used by Lacura is cold pressed in order to contain high levels of unsaturated fatty acids in particular linoleic acid. 

Aldi say 95% natural or of natural origin, with bio grape seed oil from controlled biological cultivation.
No Parabens
No Silicon
No Mineral oils
No Colourants

Starting with:

Aldi Lacura Grape Therapy Review

  Lacura Grape Therapy Shower Gel 

Very lightly scented fresh green shower gel, you don't need me to tell you how to use shower gel, but I will say a little goes a long way.  200ml  £1.79 

Aldi Lacura Grape Therapy Review

Lacura Grape Therapy Body Lotion

Again a really nice fresh ( not overpowering fragrance ) A thin lotion that absorbed really quickly, leaving my skin feeling ready to get dressed in no time, don't you hate just hanging around after moisturising waiting to get dressed ?  300ml  £1.79

Aldi Lacura Grape Therapy Review

Lacura Grape Therapy Day Cream Normal/Dry skin. 

This day cream is not overly rich and is easily absorbed leaving no traces of greasy film, just smooth soft skin, you don't need a lot to cover face and decolletage just a thin film and you're done, it actually leaves a really nice base for foundation, so you may be able to skip the use of a primer ?  50ml Glass Jar £2.99

One thing I love about this is the lid on the day cream is a lighter cream than the lid on the night cream, I don't know about you, but that has caught me out once or twice before without my reading specs lol.

Aldi Lacura Grape Therapy Review

Lacura Grape Therapy Night Cream Normal/Dry skin.

Slightly richer than the day cream as you would expect but still absorbs easily so you are not going to sleep with a sticky face. 50ml glass jar £2.99

And Finally
Aldi Lacura Grape Therapy Review

Lacura Grape Therapy Hand Cream. Intensive for Dry and chapped hands.

This is seriously good, I go through a good amount of hand cream in the winter months, and this one at this price, is right up there ! easily absorbed, non sticky, light clean fragrance.  100ml £1.79

I have to say with this entire range the one thing that really stood out for me was how easily it all absorbed, it's so nice to find something that won't leave a greasy film on your face or hands.

Oh BTW don't forget milk while you are in there :) 

Love n Hugz
Lyn x