Aldi Carino Miracle Cream Treatment with Argan Oil

Hi Darlins

I don't know about you, but this damp weather plays havoc with my hair, leave the house with perfectly straightened hair and within 10 minutes of being in the damp, it's doing it's own thing !

Aldi Carino Miracle Cream Treatment with Argan Oil

I am a huge lover of Argan oil to try and combat this state of unruliness, but have just discovered a cream treatment from Aldi that contains Argan oil.  I have not used a cream before and for some strange reason I thought it would leave my hair looking greasy, no sense to that thought, as I am happy to put oil in it ?

I washed my hair and conditioned as usual,  lightly towel dried and applied the cream all the way through, it suggests a 10p size squirt but I used less, it was enough, the smell was lush, really clean and fresh, and my hair dried and straightened really well, getting a bit adventurous I tried, as the box advised putting some through my hair ends when it was dry and done, as a finishing cream. 
 I think this was the key to the products success, although the weather has been foul, my hair has not.  Not for one moment am I suggesting this is the total end to frizz, but it certainly was an improvement on oil alone.  so a result in my book.   As much as I tried I couldn't find the price of this on the Aldi website, when I searched I got cat food and wine, so it's a good job it's not an online only retailer lol.

As always with Aldi Beauty products, ridiculously good value at £2.99

A good sized 50ml pump will last ages as you only need the smallest amount.

Love n Hugz
Lyn x

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  1. I just got this to review. Fabulous value and great review x

  2. You will love it, my hair is really thick and this worked really well.

    Lyn x


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