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Hiya Darlins,

I was recently invited to The Epsom Skin Clinic in Surrey to have my skin analysed with a view to some anti ageing treatments.

The clinic is 5 minutes walk from the Station, and also has free parking should you need it.  On entering I was greeted by a very smiley receptionist, who instructed me to take a seat upstairs, the clinic is small enough not to feel intimidating, and everyone that passes has the best smile and a friendly hello.

I was greeted by a nursing therapist, who gave me the consent form, which is more like a medical questionnaire, really thorough and covers everything, I was asked what I had in mind, and my answer was " no idea "  as I really hadn't thought about the possibilities.  Being led through to meet the Doctor, Dr Gillian Carver MBBch, DRCOG, FP, DFFP I still didn't feel any nerves,  we discussed the fact that 10 years ago I had been tempted by Botox, which was done in a beauty salon not a clinic and left me with drooped hooded eyelids. 

I have never been totally anti surgical assistance but have never been in a desperate rush to have needles put in my face !

Having has numbing cream applied liberally to my lips, after a few minutes  there was totally no sensation at all, I don't know why but I expected numbing cream on my face.......this wasn't happening and the Doctor started with the injectables, Juvederm Voluma for my cheeks, 3 injections on each side, which honestly didn't hurt in the slightest, to be fair I didn't open my eyes, brave but not that brave !  

Next up was my top lip, I was assured by the Doctor that this filler would also help with the smoking lines I had gifted myself with from my old smoking days, with 3 injections  of  Juvederm Volbella on each side of my upper lip towards the cupid bow, the Doctor also placed 3 tiny little drops into the deep lip lines. Again no pain, slight and I mean really slight discomfort but no pain.

I was given a mirror to look at my face, and apart from a slightly swollen top lip I couldn't see any signs of my visit.  With instructions not to touch and no make up for 24 hours, I was almost ready to leave. 

My next step was a consultation with Chloe who is an Aesthetic Therapist to discuss the use of a month long course of Swisscode skincare to enhance and maintain my injectable treatment.  (Post to follow in Feb )

To sum up.
After 24 hours there was only very slight swelling left on my top lip, no bruising at all to my cheeks which I totally expected, and the best of all, is that I can see a difference, as of course you know your own face, but no one else has noticed until I point it out, which is exactly what I wanted :) The smoking lines are 90% gone, and my top lip has brilliant definition without looking at all fake.

I honestly didn't expect to be this impressed. Would I do it again ?  in a heartbeat.

 The Clinic and Staff are fabulous, and I would highly recommend anyone thinking of Asthectics to get in touch with them.

The cost of treatment 1ml of Juvederm Voluma £425.00 1ml Juvederm Volbella £425.00

Prices start at £205.00

The Treatment is set to last 9-12 months.  I actually wished I had gone the whole she bang and had Botox done for my eyes.........maybe next time.

Epsom Skin Clinic

What are your thoughts ? have you had work done ? or would you consider it ? let me know in the comments section. 

Love n Hugz
Lyn x

PR/Brand Samples may be included 


  1. So interesting to read about this. I'm nowhere near brave enough to have any aesthetic treatment. Not because of the pain but because I'm scared I could look worse. I have lines on top lip too. Never smoked so must be too much pouting!

    1. I did think about that aspect of it Hazel, but I thought at this age sod it, can only look better lol, and it did, to me it looks fresher, and only when I tell people to stare at my face, they know there is something but not what, which I love :)

      Lyn x

  2. Thank you for honestly reviewing this. It is something I am considering under my eyes in a few years. I am only 34 but poor health has led to some real deep indents under my eyes that are ageing me :(

    1. Hi Janine
      Thanks for your comment, if you are thinking of having any sort of treatment, please, please research first.
      Lyn x


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