Phase Eight Evening Dresses

 Coming up to the Christmas Season, I know we have only just hit November but a lot of black tie events will have already started, and of course you don't want to wear the dress you wore for 3 hours last year !

I have been having a little browse at some long dresses, and have found my favourites from Phase Eight, it's a funny thing with Phase Eight and I don't want to do them an injustice but when looking for clothes I tend to forget about them until I wander into a concession and want to buy everything in sight.

I love them for being not young and overly trendy, but not old lady either.

I just wanted to show you an example of a couple of dresses I thought were a nice break away from the standard plain black, but with a little something extra.

Phase Eight evening dresses and sale

This one is the Rita Tulle Full length dress at £295.00 it does come in different colourways, but I think this is my favourite.

Phase Eight evening dresses and sale

Next up is the Soprano Tapework full length dress in the sale from £325.00 to £225.00

For less formal occasions Phase Eight have some fantastic glamorous evening tops, and a huge amount of dresses in the Sale along with some great Jumpsuits if you are not a dress girlie.

Where ever you are going, have fun and feel Fab.

Love n Hugz
Lyn x


  1. These are gorgeous! I went for an LBD at the shops yesterday. Well to be fair it's a BBD as it's from the Gemma Collins range! Still I like it. Will glam it up a bit no doubt.


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