Green Energy Organics Quick Lift Therapy Mask Review

As you will know, I am a huge lover of face masks and especially cloth masks,

Green energy organic anti age lift face  mask review

the ease of popping a mask directly on your face, without the faff of washing it all off makes it all such an easy experience.

I have discovered Green Energy Organics, as a gift from my friends at Millabaci, who are a luxury organics skincare boutique. Green Energy are just one of the fabulous brands they have on offer.

Green energy organic anti age lift face  mask review

This mask is the Quick Lift Therapy Mask, anti age lift effect.
On opening the sealed foil sachet you are presented with a full face pre cut sheet mask, although this one differs to any other that I have used in that it is a gel mask, as you peel the mask away from it's backing paper you can actually see the gel side which is placed on the skin,  this was so simple to do, and fitted beautifully, no air gaps or slipping, it just sat in place and didn't budge, the gel felt really cooling on the skin, although it is not a wet feeling at all.

Green energy organic anti age lift face  mask review

After 30 minutes you simply Peel the mask from your face and throw it away.
On removal my skin was slightly pink, but felt no discomfort, it was soft, moisturised and felt positively dewy,  to really take advantage of this I think it would be best to lay down relax, and possibly get a little cat nap for the 30 minutes, a home spa treatment in a sachet !

What the company say; 

This amazing gel face mask helps to fortify the skin and restore it to a more youthful look.
It adds volume and lifts the skin.
With regular use it will diminish the visible signs of ageing on your skin and will restore your natural moisture levels.
It effectively stimulates cell turnover which in time will improve skins luminosity and firmness.
With the use of Green Tea and Orange Flowers it prevents the appearance of dark spots and skin slacking.
Revitalised and “re-plumped”, skin is visibly more supple, radiant with freshness and youth.
  • Gluten Free

At £10.25 it's not the cheapest mask out there, but 100% worth a try.

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Love n Hugz
Lyn x