Feeling Blessed By Blogging

Why I have decided to share these thoughts is beyond me, It is 3.13am I am in bed and can't sleep with man flu, my son asked me by text tonight why I am calling it man flu, my answer was that men apparently get it a lot worse than us women, so feeling this rough I must clearly have the male version !

I have a doorstop,ok I know that's not breaking news, but my doorstop reads.......When one door closes another one opens.  When I bought this stopper of doors it meant nothing to me other than it looked good, but in the early hours it suddenly got me thinking about how true that statement actually is.

Those of you that know me personally, know that I gave up my interiors shop due to illness, the stupid thing actually prevents me from going out to work, however, having given up last November and spending many months ensuring my house was so clean, the NHS were offering to rent it from me as a operating theatre, I got a bit bored, I know it's unfathomable that a woman could get bored with cleaning : ) but I did, I had always had a blog from back in the shop days, I think it had the grand sum of 4 posts in as many years, but suddenly I had the urge to pick it up, my youngest daughter is a blogger and I recall being encouraged by her when I said I am sure there are women out there like me who still love fashion and make up even at my age (58) I will admit to owning fluffy slippers, but they are UGG darling, designed to be bloody ugerly.

Moving on, I started blogging with a passion about 4 months ago, and love it, I love it with the same passion as I did all those years ago starting my business, I love the people, the banter, the new brands I have discovered, and I feel totally blessed at the enormous support I have from some wonderful companies and PR's, seriously blessed, because at the end of the day, I am just a housewife with a lot to say.

I still clean my house, but no operations are taking place now, I am way too busy, learning how to play with my camera, emailing back and forth, blogging, testing products and having a thoroughly good time, if you have ever thought about blogging, I urge you to do it, just type whatever comes to mind and go for it, you never know what the result may be, I for one never expected to be this busy or this blessed.
Thank you for once again reading my twittering.

Love N Hugz
Lyn x