Bodhi & Birch Rosemary Chi Himalayan Detox Salt Scrub Review

Anyone that knows me knows  just how much I adore the British company Bodhi & Birch.
Everything about this Eco luxury brand really hits the spot for me, even down to the care that goes into the recyclable packaging .
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Bodhi & Birch Rosemary Chi Himalayan Detox Salt Scrub review
This Rosemary Chi Himalayan Detox Salt Scrub is no exception, from the second you open the lid the fragrance hits you like a deep relaxing sleep, it's the kind of smell that instantly makes you want to close your eyes and sigh.
Jam packed with amazing ingredients, each one working in harmony with the other to produce this gem of a product.


    This legendary pink salt has been used in natural medicine and therapeutic treatments for centuries. Considered to be the purest, most mineral-rich salt in the world, it boasts 84 minerals and trace elements that are highly beneficial for the body. These include magnesium, calcium, copper, potassium and iron; known for its detoxifying properties.

    Rosemary has natural detoxification capabilities: it boosts the functioning of the liver by deactivating and helping flush out accumulation of dangerous toxins. It also safeguards the body by removing cancerous causing substances. An excellent brain and nerve tonic, Rosemary stimulates mental activity and is a good remedy for mental fatigue; thus aiding clarity of mind and smooth flow of thought.

    Uplifting Geranium is a good cellulite treatment; it promotes skin cell regeneration, improves elasticity and circulation making skin appear more radiant and youthful. Combined with Rosemary in our synergistic blend of essential oils, it cleanses the lymphatic system of high levels of toxins and promotes a healthy detox.

    A super-lightweight oil that is absorbed quickly to help encourage the production of elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin. A powerful anti-oxidant and a good source of Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins Complexes (OPCs); a class of flavonoid complexes that act as free radical scavengers.

    A botanical lipid derived from olives, Olive Squalane contains a unique antioxidant that protects skin from free-radical damage. Our body produces small amounts of squalene but this declines in our thirties. Olive Squalane replenishes skin squalene to keep it moisturised as we age, making it a valuable anti-ageing ingredient to prevent skin deterioration and help combat against (and prevent) age spots and lines.

    Shea butter is rich in Vitamin A, which helps alleviate dry skin, ease eczema, dermatitis and sunburn. It also has high levels of skin-friendly Vitamin F, which contains fatty acids that can aid normal cell growth and keep skin young looking.

    Naturally rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B17 plus both oleic acid and linolenic acid. Also rich in skin-conditioning vitamin E, known for its soothing and nourishing properties and helps skin to retain elasticity, clarity, and suppleness.
  • Bodhi & Birch Rosemary Chi Himalayan Detox Salt Scrub review

I am a lover of body scrubs, but I have to be honest and say that this one is like no other I have used, you need so little of the product it goes a really long way, and as you apply it to damp skin, not only does it exfoliate in terms of a scrub, it is the most moisturising scrub I have ever used, as you apply it you can instantly feel the balms and oils dissolving onto your skin to the extent that you would never need a moisturiser after.

Another little trick with the scrub if you want to experience a really deep relaxing detox its to apply the scrub, let it warm on the body for a moment or two and submerge yourself into a warm bath and let the scrub dissolve from your skin, close your eyes and just breathe in the aroma ( heaven) 

Bodhi & Birch Rosemary Chi Himalayan Detox Salt Scrub review

Spend some time on the website and have a good look around at the other products on offer, Bodhi & Birch are a brand that I believe are not only good for your skin but also your soul in terms of deep relaxation and wellbeing.

The website can be found here Bodhi & Birch 

Love and Hugz
Lyn x