Who Is She ?

Bit of a funny old post for me, as it's all about me . I think the title of this post speaks for itself, Who Is She ?

I have heard rumour of some negative feedback lately by bloggers once again criticising other bloggers, in terms of.......who knew ? ........ we actually have to qualify ourselves now as being * something* in the beauty industry, lol, this really did make me laugh, I am nobody, my opinions are not those of a beauty expert, I could send you a list of qualified beauty bloggers if you want it, I follow them and soak up every word, in terms of the *industry*  I am a bottom feeder, the consumer, the one spending hard earned sheckles on beauty products, and as such I have a voice, my voice will tell you MY opinions on something I have used on my own face or my own body, or in some cases the face of ( him indoors ) Under no circumstances have I ever claimed to be an expert.

If you want my CV I will happily send it to you, it will read as follows, Worked on the shop floor for a very a well known brand did my training but as a youngster I was desperate to work in an office, I wanted to be a telephonist of all things ! I thought it would be posh. 
 Back into retail sales for a few years, in Fashion, then fell into sales, estate agency and then into recruitment, leading on to Directorship, and then my own business for many years, again sales, (interiors )  now  at the ripe old age of 58 a housewife superstar, with opinions, so please don't tell me I can't blog, in fact please don't tell me anything negative. 

 If you don't like my blog, don't read it, if you think I have no right to voice my opinions, question yourself, not me; I am not criticising you, I am happily slapping products on my face and writing my thoughts on them...............no I do not write negative posts, I have no need to slate a brand, if I don't like the product I don't write about it, simple !

Having owned a business I understand that a business is personal to it's owner, I wouldn't publicly say someones baby was ugly would I ?

So, If you are reading this, and are the person that has a lot to say about me, I give you the worlds biggest hug, and hope your life gets better, I also thank you for thinking I am that important to gossip about :)

Love N Hugz
Lyn x


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