Things that make me feel old

Don't we do well with all this technology ? I think so, but there are times when I just feel old lol, yeah yeah, I suppose you could say 58 is no spring chicken, but these things frustrate the drawers off me, as I don't like this feeling.

Here are a few things I don't understand and things that make me feel ancient lol.

I would like to blame this confusion on the Menopause, but that ship sailed leaving me with no place to hide my stupidity.

Buzz feed 
and any other gizmo that I cant quite work out.

Clever tricks with photos, mine never look arty farty, although I do throw the odd rose in now and again.....go me.

Remembering whats in the they even have charts now. when did that happen ?
Instruction books bigger than the item itself
Impossible to open plastic packaging.
Saying group instead of Band
Only just learned Bae from Grandaughter.
Saying concert not Gig 
Being scared of the underground late at night alone.......didn't used to be a problem.
Funfairs........I look at the nuts and bolts and the dodgy geezers running them. Nothing used to be fast enough or high enough.

Lusting after the prettiest 6 inch heels and the sensible head saying " silly cow you will break a hip "

PASSWORDS...........don't even get me started, having stood staring blankly at the machine in Sainsburys unable to remember the pin I have used for 8 years !

Terms I see on Twitter......shakes head........moves on.

Well I am not yet having to have my food mashed up for me so I guess it's not all bad.

I can only imagine it's going to get worse, and eventually my old head will explode into a mass of jumbled letters and numbers.........oh and dust lol.

This list is not complete, but I am getting old and lifes too short.

Love N Hugz
Lyn x