Skin Chemists Advanced Wrinkle Killer Snake Serum Review

Skin Chemists wrinkle killer snake serum review

Before I talk about this product specifically I wanted to just say, I have tried a few products with strong claims about wrinkle etc.....quite recently I was at a beauty show when a lady stopped me and offered to give me a try out of her * miracle* face lifting cream, well......not one to turn down the offer of a wrinkle reduction I sat in her chair while she duly applied this magic formula to my face, I was handed a mirror while she fanned the product dry on my face, ( under eye area ) ok; looking in the mirror I was quite astounded, yes, I did look younger and yes it did make the wrinkles seem way less visible, * How Much ? * was my obvious next question where she informed me that it was reduced for the show from £145.00 to ONLY £100.00, well I thanked her politely and said I would think about it, to which she got quite shirty and told me it was a bargain ..........NOT, no way would I pay £100 on a brand I had never heard of on a whim, so after having trotted around the show looking at other products, my daughter suddenly pointed out that my under eye area was resembling a reptile in its skin shedding period !!!!!!  OMG  I looked like a lizard, all I can assume is that this wonder product was based on egg white, which in all honesty would tighten on your skin for a little while only to crisp up and flake off.  Quite frankly I am glad my hard earned shekles had stayed in my purse lol.

Skin Chemists wrinkle killer snake serum review

Skin Chemists wrinkle killer snake serum review

Moving on to a REAL Brand......Skin Chemists, I was contacted by Skin Chemists to test out a few of their  products and this is the first of a few reviews. 
Advanced Wrinkle Killer Snake would be forgiven for thinking this is another gimmick name, no, no, no this is the real deal, I used this Serum on cleansed skin and instantly felt the tightening effect, a very tiny tingle, but I could actually feel my skin firming up, ok, I didn't read the instructions, a really bad fault of mine, and the instructions tell you to use a pea sized amount on specific targeted areas, well, my whole face is a target and my whole face got the treatment, you really could see a difference in the mirror I kid you not. With this product it is not only the immediate signs that are impressive, you actually see a further difference to your bare skin within a week.
Using award winning active ingredients seems to be the magic behind the science.

Skin Chemists wrinkle killer snake serum review

This product does not come cheap at £180.00 for 30ml I would suggest you only use it on target areas as a tiny pea size goes a long long way.

I have to be honest and say that this is one of the most impressive products, in terms of instant visible results I have tested in a long while.

"Seriously impressed."  I think It's one for the Christmas List, will want to replace it when it's empty, that's for sure.

This Serum is just one of a whole range of products from Skin Chemists, and I strongly recommend you spend some time on their site Skin Chemists

Update 28/10/15  Skin Chemists are offering Lavender Barn readers a whopping 75 % discount on their entire website, just enter code Lavender75 at checkout

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