Salon Systems Naturalash Review

First let me say I am not a full time eyelash wearer, I have been known to have the odd flutter on a big night out, but in truth I have not applied these myself, I rely on my daughter.

When I met the team at Salon Systems it was suggested I go with the most natural Lashes and to start with the easiest ones too apply..good thinking Salon Systems, no good asking me to try Ru Paul type lashes, it would be wasted on me :)
salon system naturalash review

The First pair I was given to try out were the pre glued naturalash in natural , the beauty of the Salon System packaging is that it's all clearly spelled out for you, so even if you are a lash novice like me, you know exactly what you are buying.
 salon system naturalash review

The Box read, Natural, lengthens and defines, express lash | instant application | reusable. they are latex free and really soft and natural looking. No 116.  I loved these, they are easy to apply no messing with tricky glue and no waiting for the glue to dry. they can be used more than once, and should they lose their sticky, there is an additional sticky strip for even more uses.  If you were going to a Christmas do, these really are an easy way to add a touch of extra Glam, they really did feel very Hollywood at first but I soon got used to them and they felt perfectly normal.

Next Up was Naturalash Volume. No 149 These are designed to thicken and define, they are a thicker lash which I would think are more a night time look, The box reads. Quick | easy | reusable | adhesive included. these I found trickier, but as I said I am no lash expert, once I had got the hang of it, the right amount of glue, placing them on with tweezers, it was all systems go, lovely and thick, perfect for night time.
 salon system naturalash review

I wanted to try the individual lashes, so that I could use them just in the corners, too many Pixiwoo tutorials.
I love these with a passion, they come in various lengths, I tried medium, they are great, they just give that little boost to the outer corners of your own lashes, and are so easy to pop on it's untrue.
 salon system naturalash review

As I said earlier the packaging for Salon System lashes is fantastic, no more staring at a wall of lashes wondering what to use, these are clearly marked for you to grab and go.

They are fantastically priced all at around the £3.00 mark.

You will find Salon System at Salon Services here

Love and Hugz
Lyn x