NKD SKN Self Tan Review

I know there is a lot of talk about about Autumn/Winter around at the moment, and everyone is jibbering on about how lovely it is to look forward to Winter nights !!!!!
Well, NOT ME, I will hang on to the Summer until December 25th and beyond, Just because the long evenings and eating outside are becoming a distant memory, my tan won't be, this time of year my tan is not the one that is used to make all my summer clothes look a zillion times better, my whites look whiter and limbs look leaner and longer.

NKD SKN self tan review www.thelavenderbarn.blogspot.co.uk

My Autumn/Winter tan is to make me feel better not only do I think you look better nakid but it just makes me feel better generally, look healthier and feel fab, there is nothing worse than pale pasty skin in winter, it makes me feel sad.

NKD SKN self tan review www.thelavenderbarn.blogspot.co.uk

The beauty of NKD SKN is that you can have the best of both worlds, a fabulous longer lasting self tan, or an instant one day only tan for special occasions, and maybe this time of year you only want to tan the bits that show for a night out, the One Day Bronzing tinted lotion  £8.50 is the one for you, this fabulous liquid will leave you with a bronze tan with no nasty self tan smell, this is a coloured liquid which allows you to see exactly were you are tanning, the pack does come with a free mini mitt, but I personally used the large mitt £4.00, starting at the feet and working up in a circular motion you can achieve and instant holiday tan, that washes off when you are ready, I tried the Matte Dark which was actually too dark for me, I should have gone for the medium being blonde.

NKD SKN self tan review www.thelavenderbarn.blogspot.co.uk
For a more lasting tan Up to 7 days, The tinted tanning mousse is the way to go, with it's pump action the foam is super easy to apply using a NKD SKN tanning mitt, and really leaves your skin super soft and in great condition. I used the medium which was a perfect colour for me, all bronzed and beach looking :)

I have over the years used a lot of different tanning products, including salon sprays, I have to say I am totally amazed at the quality of these products for the price, they are so reasonable in comparison to others of lesser quality, and a generous 100ml size is a win win all round. 

These fabulous products can be found here NKD SKN

Get your tan on :)
Love N Hugz
Lyn x