Make Up Revolution Review

Make up Revolution is my new addiction.  Here's the thing, I am very lucky and get sent a lot of skincare to try but for some reason I never seem to get get asked to try out make up, I can only think that make up brands are of the opinion us old birds don't still have fun playing make up;  wrong......on so many levels, anyhow, not one to be left out of the loop I spend a small fortune on trying new brands, colours etc, and my new love is the Brand Make up Revolution, now I know you younger girls and a lot of others have heard of Make Up Revolution and are groaning......what is she on about, but my thinking is that a lot of women my age group ( granny group) are only influenced by mainly TV Marketing and the brands we are used to, and when it comes to change a lot of women don't want to risk shed loads of money on an item they may try and hate, or try and it end up being stolen by your Daughters or Grandaughters, or both in my case.

Make up Revolution is the perfect solution, totally up to the minute trends for literally nothing money, you can so afford to play and go nuts with this brand, That said, don't be fooled into thinking it's a rubbish cheap bit of toot..........oh no, this is really good value for money.

I am no make up artist and certainly not a brand snob........but.......I am really fussy about what my make up looks like, and no kidding these products give any high end packaging a real run for it's money, in fact I don't know how they do it for the price.

Gawd I can ramble, this is supposed to be a product review, well I am only bringing you a couple of bits today, as I have bought wayyyyyy too much of late to review it all, and have given away most to my girls.

Lets start with The fast Love pallet.
Make up revolution make up review.
Make up revolution make up review.

Oh my lord, I just love the neutral muted shades in this pallet a mixture of shimmer and matt and not a shouty shade in sight. once it's on it has a good staying power, easily blended, and really buildable, so you can be as subtle or as defined as you want. 
The pallet quality is brilliant and with a super sized mirror whats not to
 love ? This was in the last chance to buy section for literally a couple of pounds, they have eyeshadows starting at £1.00 !!!!!!!

Next Up is the Protection Pallet in Light.
Make up revolution make up review.

Make up revolution make up review.

This little Gem contains everything you need for concealing, contouring and highlighting, with a super silky finishing powder, again with a fab gloss finish case, with the large mirror. again this was a bargain at £4.00

These prices are no joke, everything on this site is fantastic value. you really can stock up for yourself, or impress the females in your family with brilliant gifts. One look at these products and you will see why I keep going back.
Finally ( well for this post at least )  a Lipstick, I wanted to try a lippie as everything I go for is gloss and sparkly, This is wonderful, creamy, easy to apply and reasonable lasting quality, and ready for it..............£1.50  nope not a typing error, it really was only £1.50, tons of shades to choose from I went with a pinky beige shade  #liphug  "when you came to me "
Make up revolution make up review.

Get on this site and spoil yourself for less than the price of  a skinnyfrippyfrappymochachino. 


Love n Hugz
Lyn x