Lazy Girls Primal Fritatta

I don't usually add recipes to my blog as it would become an advert for Primal eating, if you haven't heard of this way of eating, in brief everything is non processed and I don't eat grains of any description, it is almost a Paleo diet but I found Paleo a little bit too hard, with Primal you can add a small amount of dairy, so I can have the odd cuppa and hard cheese which I love..............anyway moving on, this recipe is so easy it's a joke, I was making one today and it just occurred to me it may be of interest to anyone that fancies making something really easy that actually looks quite impressive.

This will be way more than one meal unless you have a huge family.

10 eggs
1/4 pack frozen onion
1/4 pack frozen mixed peppers
Slosh of olive oil
2 med sweet potatoes
sliced tomato
handful of grated cheese.

Oven proof frying pan.

Fry off frozen peppers and onions  in olive oil until dry, by that I mean frozen veg will go wet when cooking, you don't want it wet, keep going and it will dry out and get some flavours going, when it is browned off add slices of sweet potatoes, let that soften slightly, and add the eggs, ( beaten )  stir while on the heat, and remove from heat, place slices of tomato on top, pop the pan into the oven and leave on low to med heat until it is set and slightly brown, remove from oven, add grated cheese, place the pan back in the oven with the heat turned off just to let the cheese melt.

Done !

This is lovely either hot or cold, and makes a brilliant  work lunch.

You can actually make this with any left over veggies , I have added spinach, which was fab.
Give it a go, even if you think you can't cook, it's fab.

Love n Hugz
Lyn x