LAB2 Make Up Brushes Review

Is it possible to have too many brushes ? no, of course not............unless they are cheap horrible quality brushes that make you look as though you have had an affair with a hairy animal, and you have lots of spare time in the mornings to pick black hairs off your face ?

LAB2 Make up brush set review.

I have recently had the pleasure of testing out 3 different packs of LAB2  
"Strokes of Genius"
"I'm Turning Pro"
"Triple Threat"
LAB2 have created a whole range of professional quality brushes at a bargain price, yes there are cheaper brushes around and we have all had the misfortune of testing them.

These are serious quality, beautifully made and foolproof to use.

LAB2 Make up brush set review.

First up is the "Strokes of Genius"
This pack contains 5 brushes. totally dedicated to eyes.
Eyeshadow brush.
Crease brush.
Pointed eyeliner brush.
Brow and liner brush .
And finally the lash and brow groomer.

LAB2 Make up brush set review.

 Next up is the  "I'm Turning Pro"  Kit  contains 
foundation brush, which works well with both foundation and concealer,
Contour Brush, which is angled for easy contour application
Buffing brush, which can be used for powder or just to finish off giving a smooth almost airbrush finish
Shadow brush, which is an all purpose eyeshadow brush.

As a stand alone set this would give you everything you needed to start a brush collection.

LAB2 Make up brush set review.

One of the great things about these LAB2 brushes, is each one tells you what it's for, fabulous for us non make up artists

LAB2 Make up brush set review.

And finally the "Triple Threat" Multi-purpose brush.
This is a really dense flat topped brush, that is actually my personal favourite of all the LAB2 brushes, I use it instead of the Buffing brush for buffing, it gives a beautiful finish and eliminates any foundation streaks, perfect for making sure there is no "neck" line.

I have used these sets exclusively for the last few weeks, and I have to say I am totally in love with them, they clean well, are easy to use and have no hair loss at all, the handles are slightly grippy, which makes them easy to work with.

LAB2 Brushes are available here 

Love n Hugz
Lyn x