He Drives Me Nuts Because

I probably had the raging hump through lack of sleep, but being in bitch mode made me think of all the other things that drive me nuts, I'm sure at least one will strike a chord with you ha ha.

Pants on the bathroom floor that you failed to notice before friends arrive.

Talking through your favourite programme.

Being a pain in the arse when shopping until fed.

Bringing you tea when you are sleeping, who gets thirsty when they are asleep, it's a ploy to get you up.

Failing to notice your new top, haircut, shoes etc, although handy as neither has he noticed the spending :)
Did I mention snoring ?

Socks on the floor.........don't get me started about sock fluff !

They say we nag, my theory is that they either don't listen the first, second and third time, or is that they think by ignoring your request you will eventually forget about it..........wrong........we will repeat the request and be accused of nagging, because of course we love the sound of our own voices, even more than we love the sound of snoring.

Love N Hugz
Lyn X


  1. Awwwh! Wish I could jump on the band-wagon, but I can't. There is really nothing my Husband does that irritates me. I don't want to sound smug, but when I got married (20 years ago) my Mum said to me "pick your battles carefully and always choose being happy over being right". I try.............it doesn't always work, but most of the time it does (maybe I just haven't been married long enough ;-)

  2. Hi Vanessa, I pick my battles too, in fact we never have any, we just get along, I think my post was sleep deprivation driven lol. I wouldn't swop him.......George Clooney ? ha ha xx


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