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OK, before you come at me with a ton of hate mail, this blog is based on a recent incident I saw involving Jane, aka British Beauty Blogger and although it was about her personally it has given me a lot of thought over the last couple of days, on the subject of criticism of other peoples work.

The particular issue was that another blogger, left a comment on Jane's Blog saying her photos looked as though they had been taken through a bag or something ?  well my imagination doesn't quite stretch that far and I cannot even visualise how that world work if were even possible? 

This as I understand it caused Jane to get involved in an online spat with said blogger, which by her own admission is never a good idea, and deleted the blog,  Jane went on to Periscope about the whole incident and in a very human way voiced her indignation and read the out the emails that had gone back and forth between them, I think she had possibly calmed down a lot by the time she did her Periscope as she was laughing and clearly could see the funny side to the situation, not that the comment was funny, but that after years of blogging she had allowed this person to rattle her cage.
The broadcast received a ton of support, with comments like " Oh I bet she s just jealous that she doesn't earn as much as you " I myself tweeted that Jane should out the person for being so mean.........but was she ? was she mean for voicing her opinion ? we don't necessarily  agree with every ones opinions of the interwebby but should we respect them ?

YES, we bloody well should, that's the whole point to blogging and freedom of speech, BUT what this young lady failed to realise is that freedom of speech does not give you carte blanch to be openly rude, she may very well have thought Jane's photo's were crap, fair enough if that's what you think, but keep it as that.... a thought, there is no need to criticise  in a non constructive way, what the frig is the point in that ? 
I don't know Jane Cunningham personally, but it's clear to see the woman is a grafter who knows her stuff when it comes to make up, and for that her work deserves to be respected.

This girl whoever she is, really should have used her noddle before typing her thoughts, I am not saying you aren't allowed to think negative thoughts, god we all do, I for one am sick of seeing bloody marble in photo backgrounds but who am I to say it outside of my own head ? no one !

Being a blogger I would have thought she would have had more compassion, we are expected to be able to write, do our own PR, be on top of our game and be David Bailey.......seriously ? 
Would she attack someone dyslexic ? do they not have a right to write ?  it's that same old thing of women criticising other women.   DON'T do it, unless there is a positive outcome to your words, shut your bloody gob, no one needs to hear it.

Good or bad, your comments on this post are welcome :) 

Love N Hugz
Lyn x


  1. This always astounds me. Our blogs are like our own little online diaries. They are not supposed to be literary gems or photographic wonders (well I know mine isn't). Therefore, if you don't like what someone has written/shown on THEIR blog, go elsewhere. I don't think any of us have reason to criticise someone else's personal thoughts, views and photos. I do realise that once something is published it suddenly becomes public property. But at the end of the day, if there's something you don't like about a person's blog, keep quiet and move along ;-)You haven't paid to read the blog (as with a book) so take it for what it is and "button up" ;-) Just my humble thoughts of course xx

  2. Not so Humble, I love your comments on this Vanessa thanks.

    Lyn x

  3. Not so Humble, I love your comments on this Vanessa thanks.

    Lyn x

  4. Hi there.. such an interesting post. Just to correct a couple of things: she left a comment on my blog saying that it looked like I took my pics through a carrier bag so I emailed her to ask why she'd thought it was okay to be so rude. She replied with a super long email (which is I think what you saw on Periscope) just being more insulting and that she was entitled to higher quality pictures as she was a reader. I don't think she has her own blog. More importantly, maybe, there wasn't an on-line spat (on Twitter or any open channels) - I really don't do those over something so silly - it was just an email response to what I thought was an aggressive comment. I genuinely was curious to see why she thought it was okay.

    As I said on Periscope, my pictures aren't professional quality, but then, I'm not a professional photographer. Thank you so much for raising all of these issues. I think constructive criticism is completely acceptable if it's delivered in an appropriate way. I always want to improve the reader experience so am happy, always, to listen, even if I can't do anything about it. x

    1. Thanks Jane, I don't have a problem with constructive criticism either, but I seriously have an issue with rudeness, it is totally uncalled for and benefits no one. It was an aggressive comment and kudos to you as I would have been more aggressive in my reply and probably lived to regret it lol, I am fascinated by keyboard bravery it does make me laugh and I wonder how brave the keyboard warriors would be in real life ! x


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