Belle Gel Rapide Home Nail Kit Review

 If you are anything like me, you love the look of freshly polished nails, but don't have time to keep going to the salon to get them done, then this really is worth a read.

Belle Gel nail review

I will go to the salon, adore the result and then find that I am too busy or simply can't be bothered to go back and get them taken off/re-done, for me it's a 20 min drive and find a parking space blah blah.......too much hassle !
I always find they will be at their worse when I need them to be their best, last minute invite, rubbish nails, or the best one, you are hosting the dinner party, get together or whatever, have your nails done, faff about preparing the house, food whatever, and chip, which is enough to give you the miseries before you even get dressed.............This kit could be your answer, I was asked to test this kit out, which actually was pretty rash, as I expect a hell of a lot from a polish, I am not one of those  "ladies that lunch"  I get down and dirty with bleach and loo's etc, I am a bit of a cleaning fanatic and I don't wear gloves, so this kit really did get a bit of a harsh road test from me.
Belle Gel nail review
On opening the box, you will find the LED light which is folded into the size of an IPhone, The gel  glossy topcoat, Protector basecoat, a raspberry shade of polish, cleaner and wipe off liquid , and a nail file, also included is a rather handy fabric roll up case, for storing your whole kit. while travelling.
Belle Gel nail review

I was also given some extra shades, and the peel off Gel, which means you can do a whole nail treatment and just peel it all off when you are ready, the nail polish actually peels off in one complete sheet, wayyyyy to tempting as it is so much fun, this peel off gel can be used also with your regular nail polish !

I sampled the  ice pink gel polish, first using the base, cure for 60 seconds,  no need to worry about timings the LED lamp switches off at 60 seconds 2 THIN coats of polish curing for 60 seconds between each coat, finishing off with the Glossy Top coat, a quick wipe over with the cleanser fluid and done :) 
 The result was a glossy salon finish,  This lasted over 7 days before I got bored with it and wanted to try another colour. I forgot to photograph the  Ice pink, oops.

Next I tried the Oyster Shade, a pale beige with a pearly sheen, with the Peel off gel, again same procedure as before, and I was left with a great finish, as you can see.
belle gel nail review
This again had great lasting power, and once I wanted a change it simply was a case of peeling each nail off in one sheet, soooooo satisfying.

This Kit Retails at £85.00 Polishes are available to buy separately. It is less than the cost of 3 salon visits, so actually pays for itself over and over again.

All gels are free from Formaldehyde, Toluene and Di-Butyl Phthalate. Made in the UK.
Available at Belle Gel  


  1. Would love to try this. I've had weak nails for sometime now & think this would help them .


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