Bellamianta Self Tanning Lotion

You are probably thinking, hang on it's almost Christmas, why is this woman writing about self tan ?  well; it's exactly the reason I am writing about it, Christmas !

Bellamianta self tan review

Who in their right mind would want to go to a Christmas "do" in a gorgeous new dress all pasty white and winter looking ?      nope, even if you didn't manage to get away for a winter sun break, no need to look as though you have sat in the shade all year.
Bellamianta is no ordinary self tanning product, apart from the obvious tan, it is actually a treatment for your skin, containing a whole host of goodies from Shea Butter, Bergamot, Sea Buckthorn and vitamin E to name a few, this really is a fabulous treat to your skin, and at the same time providing you with a beautiful Golden tone.......NO Orange going on here my friend :)
Bellamianta self tan review

A good exfoliation and you are ready to rock n roll.
Easy to apply with Super padded applicator mitt.  I was pretty impressed with this alone, I have tested a lot of tans and this has to be the best mitt so far, I have had them fall apart on me, or even let the formula soak through leaving you with over tanned palms, this one was great, and I'm sure would last forever.
Bellamianta self tan review

The tan itself is really easy to apply as it is coloured, quite shockingly dark ( don't be worried ) it's just a guide colour allowing you to see where you have been, starting at the ankles and working your way up, I always give the tops of my feet and toes a quick swoop over at the end, be careful of ankles and knees or anywhere that might me a bit dry, as the colour will grab onto those areas as with any self tan product,  if you are incredibly dry on knees, elbows and heels, you could always apply a tiny wipe of moisturiser before the tan, this is something I have learnt  from over the years, it works for me, only a tiny bit mind.
This product is super quick to dry, 60 seconds, so you don't have to do the freezing cold bathroom dance, or the dodgy walk around the house naked, once its dry you can get dressed and go about your business, it develops in 2-4 hours, I personally left it on overnight, and had my usual shower in the morning.........and guess what ? nothing on the sheets, and the absolute beauty of this product is no self tan smell !!!
Bellamianta self tan review

It lasted me 8 days, and wore off really well, its didn't do the usual patchy lizard look as with a lot of tans.

All in all I would definitely buy this, especially with the " no self tan " fragrance, and the 60 second dry time.

No need to go to the party peaky.

Bellamianta is £14.99 for 200ml and £5.99 for the Mitt. available here

Love N Hugz
Lyn x