BBeauty Korean Masks review

Korean skincare ?  the current buzz in the beauty market seems to be all things Korean, let me start by saying I am no expert on these things and have never been to Korea !  If anyone is offering to loan me their home I thank you in advance :)

Moving on.............I have recently had the joy of discovering Korean Face masks, not just any old masks claiming to be Korean skincare, these masks are supplied in the UK from Korea by a little known Company by the name of BBeauty Limited 

BBeautylimited Face mask review

These soft cotton sheet masks are pre cut to fit over your eyes nose and mouth and are drenched in product, so much so you could probably use them twice by sealing them back into the foil pouch.

I have recently tried the Avocado which was beautifully creamy and the Snail which.....Yup lives up to your visions, it was slimy but surprisingly gorgeous, it left my skin soft and dewy. 
Mr Lavender Barn tested the wine mask for me, to be honest I think these could be marketed as relationship enhancers as we hadn't laughed so much in a long while, watching TV in our Korean face masks, was a sight to behold , I'm just glad no one called round that evening ! when asked his thoughts his words were, Yeah that was really nice, do I look younger ? and do you fancy me ?  thanks for being so eloquent Karl, Stick to the Tree Surgery as you are rubbish as a beauty reviewer !  but he liked it, which is a good thing, as Mr blunt would sure as hell say if he didn't :)

BBeautylimited Face mask review
I am totally addicted to these masks, and although the majority of the pack is in Korean the ingredients list is in in English and there is nothing in them that would cause me any concern, although I do have to say I have not seen the list on the Placenta mask, but think I will be giving that one a miss anyway, each to their own, just not for me :)

I really would recommend giving these mask a try, they are so cheap at £2.49 and for that price surprisingly great results, and besides what price a good belly laugh with your partner ?
There are lots of different ones to choose from on the site, and there are even multi packs which give you a further discount.

These fabulous Korean sheet masks can only be bought Directly from the BBeautylimited website.

Love N Hugz
Lyn x