Timeless Truth Beauty Masks Review

Timeless Truth Beauty Masks or TT Masks as they are known on Twitter are the baby of Angela Barbageleta, a gorgeous lady that I recently had the pleasure of meeting.
 Angela is the exclusive UK distributor of these masks and discovered them on a trip to the Far East.

To simply call them a mask is an understatement, they are a facial sheet that give you the feel and look of a top salon experience in your own home.

If you have not used a sheet mask before it really is quite an experience !  on opening the foil pack, you are presented with what is essentially a liquid soaked Jcloth !  as you unfold the mask you soon begin to feel the luxury of the moisturiser within, placing the pre cut sheet onto your face really is something else, they simply lay on the skin drenching your face in pure moisture, these packs are not short on product, in fact there is enough moisture to use the masks twice should you wish. 

Timeless Truth Bee Venom mask review www.thelavenderbarn.blogspot.co.uk

I actually do mine first and then pop it back in the pack to drink up some more fluid and then give Mr Lavender Barn a lil facial treat ha ha,  (silly cow ) was one of the more polite terms he used, I honestly wish I had captured the moment for you, visualise .....6 foot plus shaved headed , body building  man with tattoos wearing a facial sheet while watching telly : )  he actually loves them  and rightly so,  they are pure luxury, once the mask has done its work, I leave them on for 15 mins, you simply leave the moisture on your skin and let it carry on doing it's work.

Timeless Truth Bee Venom mask review www.thelavenderbarn.blogspot.co.uk

There is a vast range to chose from, I have shown you the Bee Venom which is lovely, it has a warm tingle, NOT a sting, it really leaves you with a super fresh glow. We can't all afford regular salon treatments, and I honestly think these are a fabulous weekly treat.

Timeless Truth mask review www.thelavenderbarn.blogspot.co.uk

The Apple mask is and award winner and that really is no surprise, you need to try it to experience the fruity fresh chill, that just feels so totally natural and restful.

There is a vast amount of information on the website, with videos for you to view.