Kevyn Aucion The Sensual Skin Enhancer Review

I first Discovered Kevyn Aucion in Space NK the home for all things Cult status.

Kevyn Aucion skin enhancer review

I picked up this little pot not really knowing what it was and tried it on my wrist, OMG the perfect coverage for any blemish possible, it actually felt like soft putty clay, seeing my interest the gorgeous assistant explained to me that it was a multi- purpose product that could be used as a foundation, highlighter or concealer ..............SAY WHAT ? 
Anyway, something else took my interest and I was away with other products, as you do in Space NK, I left the shop without my little pot of wizardry, I couldn't get it out of my mind, the thought of a product that was heavy enough to cover blemishes but also used over serum or mixed with moisturiser a foundation.........I had to buy it, and buy it I did.
Kevyn Aucion skin enhancer review

My parcel arrived, now I knew this wasn't going to be a large pot, I had read the reviews of disappointed customers, I don't actually recall the tester in Space NK being as tiny as the actual pot that arrived, that being said I don't care, having used this little gem a few times now, I can assure you that will never find anything as concentrated, I would imagine this pot would last at least 6-8 months !
Kevyn Aucion skin enhancer review

* The best things come in small packages *  think of Tiffany boxes :)
It wasn't cheap, just under £40.00 but when you think of how long it will last it actually is really good value.

I honestly cannot praise this product/brand enough, this is the start of a new love affair, and I will definitely be back for more.

Kevyn Aucion skin enhancer review

What the Company Say about the Product.
Provides maximum coverage to hide imperfections, compliment skin tone, and to create a flawless canvas

• A versatile skin-perfecting enhancer used to achieve a youthful, dewy complexion
• Use as a concealer, highlighter or all-over foundation
• Apply with the fingers, or our concealer brush for any desired finish
• Great for all skin types

• Honey and jojoba oil create a soft, dewy finish
• Offers sheer to complete coverage
• Can be mixed with moisturizer for tinted moisturizer look

Available at Space NK  £38.00

Available at Cult Beauty   £36.50

Love N Hugz

Lyn x