I Can See Cearly Now

The day has finally come when I need to give in to the fact that I need glasses for real !
I remember as a kid wanting glasses thinking they would make me looking clever and bookish, I really did need help looking clever it was no joke :)

And of recent years I have been buying the reading specs that you test yourself in the supermarket, this has actually worked for me in fairness, and I truthfully believed I only needed them as print was getting smaller on products and I was bored of standing squinting in the shops holding a product 2 inches from my nose to read the ingredients, or better still making huge mistakes with products because I didn't have my speccies to hand while attempting to read the instructions !  Don't pretend you haven't done it lol.

The reality is that my bargain eyes were not cutting the mustard, I was beginning to get a bit head achy and am to the point that my cheapies are looking more like a hair band as I cannot go anywhere without them, so the top of my head was the ideal storage spot

So after a bit of nagging from my children I took the plunge and made the appointment, no one told me they would blow air into my eyes ! quite frankly I wasn't ready for that, although it amused my daughter no end as she knew what was coming, but failed to tell me, thanks Biatch :)

And so it is, not only do I need them for the computer and reading, it turns out I need another pair for driving, although I completely fail to see why I would need to know the number plate of the car in front, I am a blogger not a member of the Police force or private investigation agency !

What is it about actually needing them that I find so offensive ?  I have been wearing the cheapies for years and have been quite happy, maybe it's the lack of choice that bugs me, it is no longer my choice and as a control freak I do like to think everything is in my control, or is it that It's another step in this ageing process ?  who knows ?  but what I do know is the company that got in contact with me recently offering me the * opportunity* to review is range of products to help the elderly can sod right off,  glasses are one thing, but I don't yet need help to sit on the loo, that's another blog for another time maybe.

Love n Hugz

Lyn x