Fed Up of the B***S**T And Here's Why !

This post is a rant, I never ever do it online, and if you know me in person you know that I am not one to bite my tongue, I pick my fights and I always know the outcome I want to obtain, but this is a pure and simple rant because there is no real outcome other than me getting S**t off my chest !

This whole topic of ageing is really getting my goat, I am 60 next year, do I look 60 ? apparently not ( according to all my friends with glasses ) do I feel 60 ? some days yep, things are a little less flexible than they were when I was 20, do I act 60 ? ask my Grandaughter who's  friends all think I am a cool Granny. 

BUT I am fed up, fed up of this whole nonsense where all the  (lets call them
 * big* )  bloggers are ranting about the term anti-ageing being a huge no no.

WTF ?  You can put whatever label you like on it, dress it up in frilly knickers and call it dixie, but we all want anti-ageing products, the companies who produce these elixirs want us to buy them and we can't wait to get our purses out for the next best miracle that comes on the market.

It's not about accepting ageing, it's about making the best of what you have, isn't that what the whole beauty industry is based on ?

 It's why we try and eat healthier, go to yoga, drink gallons of water and love life enough to want to live longer. it isn't about trying to look 20 again, sod that.........it is ALL about anti-ageing, whatever term you choose to use,  sweeping the words under the carpet wont change what we are aiming for, we all want to look better, and I for one will celebrate being 60, but will I bollox celebrate wrinkles !

Why do some women have Botox, fillers and spend hundreds of pounds in salons on anti age treatments ? of course, to have a fresher complexion !!! and why not ? but for the love of god don't try and dress it up.

Me being me, I have probably upset a few people with this post, and for that I apologise, but please don't try and preach to me about what terms I should be using, I am old enough to make my own mind up thank you, and hopefully my readers feel the same.

If you have any comments good or bad I will be happy to read them.

Love N Hugz
Lyn  x