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Amazing Shine Lashes

I am definitely not a daily false lash wearer, but have been known to have a bit of a flutter (pardon the pun ) for the occasional "do"  Now normally when this happens I head to Boots and stand staring like a mesmerised fool at the array and seriously have no flippin clue what I'm looking for.

Amazing shine lashes, Recommended by Pixiwoo

I just happened to be watching YouTube vids by my Fav make up girlie's Sam  Chapman and Nic Haste over at Pixiwoo.com when I saw mention of these fantastic real hair lashes, they are by Amazing Shine and come in various shapes and lengths so you will absolutely find a pair to suit you, and the best things is they are only a couple of pounds so you really can afford to experiment and have a little play if you don't usually use them.

If you are a regular lash wearer you know coming from the girls, there is no higher recommendation, I bought 2 pairs no 601 a spiky look and number 12 which was a soft natural look, so natural I had to tell the family I was wearing them !

Just a note, you will need to buy or own Lash glue, as they don't come with any.

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Love N Hugz

Lyn x


  1. Hey Girl ... Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster award. Check it out on my recent post at Lifeofaworkingwife.com.
    XoXo - Jennie

  2. Thank you, that's lovely of you .

    Lyn x

  3. Hey Lynda, just so you know you can get the whole range (including 6 new styles!) of Amazing Shine lashes on our website too - www.just-essentials.com <3


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