Bigger Stronger Faster and Me

Today I had the joy of attending my very first Bigger Stronger Faster competition, 

Now before you get seriously impressed it was not me entering, it was my Daughters partner and we were along for support, there were both men and women from various clubs across the country competing with each other for the title of Bigger Stronger Faster.  I was seriously impressed at all the competitors for their grit and determination, more than anything our gorgeous Zak who continued after his hands were bleeding and needed taping up.  Mad but dedicated, well the point to this blog is actually a pity party, not for these fabulous competitive types, ( they choose to be in pain LOL )  nope, not them but ME !

Yep, I am the only person who can spectate and end up in bloody hospital A & E, silly old cow that I am I managed to trip DOWN a step and rip the muscle in my calf, can you imagine the bleedin shame ?  all these toughies  throwing around hundreds of Metal Kilo's and me, limping away and needing to wait to be taken to the hospital, fortunately I could see the funny side and between Ouching and limping on one leg I ended up laughing........... ha ! 

 How bad could it be ?  I have had three children, WELL, once the nurse prodded poked and made it hurt a million times more I was no longer laughing, LOL, THEN to add insult to injury she informs me I cannot do anything other than go home, with bandages and CRUTCHES, Yep CRUTCHES, not some nice pink blingy crutches.

Ohhhh no, some scabby grey NHS crutches, oh my lord, I don't know what hurt more, my leg or my ego !

On the upside, I am confined to the sofa and being waited on, not such a bad thing, till Monday and my personal valet returns to his normal job, probably for a rest lol.

I can now dine out on the story I did Bigger Stronger Faster and ended up on Crutches, it's our secret how 
it * really* happened LOL