10 Things You Didn't Know About Me (and probably didn't need to )

Me, Me, Me

I feel blessed to have such fabulous followers and friends that I have never, and probably will never meet all due to blogging.

And on that note I wanted to make things a little more personal, by putting *me* out there, well 10 things about me, I won't include all the things you already know, like the bleached blonde 58 year old Mum of 3 and Nanna to 2. 

Not slightly phased by ageing, but will always always hunt out products to make my skin look the best it can. 

  1. I live in an almost all white house ( no I don't mind cleaning :)
  2. Don't do orange, but will always have a tan, in the attempt to look thinner and healthier lol.
  3. I used to have an interiors business, gave it up to put my feet up and fell into blogging.
  4. Adore Cheese on Toast, although can't eat bread !
  5. Try to follow a Paleo/Primal diet.
  6. Have a lifelong disease, Ulcerative Colitis, maybe another blog post when I am brave enough.
  7. Married twice, failed twice now with a man that puts me at the top of his list :)
  8. Born and bred in South London, will visit the home town but love coming back home to Surrey.
  9. Yo Yo diet freak, will have months and months of being perfectly healthy, at my ideal weight  and then undo it in a disgusting couple of months, until nothing fits and there are a couple of spare stones,  and I have to start all over again, 
  10. Have a dog ( inherited along with Mr perfect ) and a cat who is pretty elderly but bloody gorgeous.

No doubt these lists will continue, it's a really strange actually defining yourself in type.   Phew..........it's done.

Love N hugz
Lyn x