Women Vs Women

One of the things I have learned over the years is that it is perfectly ok to value another woman's worth, we all have qualities that we admire in each other, I for example have friends who would jump in a car and drive to foreign lands without the blink of an eye, I have another friend who does Yoga outside before sunrise as it is apparently the most valuable time of day..........I greatly admire these women for their passion and bravery, would I love to be the same ?  yes indeedy, am I jealous ? not at all.

Jealousy is such a destructive emotion, it eats away at your insides like a disease, when I was a teen I was jealous if a friend got a certain pair of shoes before me, or went on a better holiday, for the love of god !

fortunately as I got older I learned it was ok to say someone looked gorgeous, to compliment and flatter a friend, its all part of a normal day now.

So why, do we still see women sniping at each other in an aim to look more popular, wealthy, better dressed etc ?    It's all bullshit, and it actually says far more about the person doing the sniping than the poor soul on the end of the nastiness.  Maybe some women, regardless of age never quite grow up and get out of the playground gang mentality, it's so sad,  we complain on a regular basis that men don't compliment as much as they should, or make us feel bad with the odd negative comment, so bloody what ?  we can, and should, empower each other into loving ourselves enough not to need the approval of others.

Tell your friend she looks lovely, support your co-worker, be nice to other bloggers, non of these things will cost you a penny, but the rewards are fabulous.

Love n Hugz

Lyn x


  1. Hi Lynda, this post is so true and I often still wonder in my 40's, why the same sex can be so bitchy. I have had 'so-called' friends be really sarcastic and nasty in the past. I have always been helpful and appraising of female friends but, there are some who have to try and outshine others, maybe as they can't give and, some that are just competitive and out to use others. Been there, experienced that and often think, as the old saying goes..'Theres nowt as queer as folk'..sadly.
    Heidi x

  2. Hi Heidi, thanks for your comment, it never stops amazing me, life is way to short and precious to waste on negativity, but one of the joys of being older is that you are brave enough to just romove those people from your life :)

    Lyn x

  3. Absolutely true. Women rock most of the time but can also be really awful in terms of support - just like men!

  4. Am so with you there Debbie xxx


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