Twitter debates on Ageing

OK, I am standing here looking through the Twitter news feed, pretty bloody impressed that I am attempting to keep up !

This comes from the woman who went to the oven yesterday to get the jacket potatoes out of the oven only to discover a really hot EMPTY oven. hey ho lol.

Back to Twitter, I am still learning the who's whys and wherefores of this groovy piece of techno kit, but something that occurred to me today, was it is one of those things you can take in two ways, you can either see the positive side which is adorable, little quotes that lift you, or advise that you had never heard of, friends that you will never meet, and I do honestly believe real friendships can be made online,

 or..........on the other side of things there is quite a dark competitive element of people trying to out do each other in the popularity ranks.........I mean, who bleedin cares?  it reminds me of the example of the girls who had over a thousand Facebook friends, so for her birthday her work colleagues decided to surprise her and send out a party invite to all her *friends*  and come the day of the party, and only 3 turned up !  so the moral has to be, it all means nothing in the great scheme of things. And the battles about ageing that go on, in one camp we celebrate the fact that we are older and quite frankly still bloody gorgeous, probably more so than in our younger years, because now we have the luxury of confidence that only comes with ageing, and in the other camp are women who (understandably so )  don't even want the subject of ageing to raise it's head, I can 100% see that point of view, but I for one feel it's a battle we will never win, as the world values youth, and how lucky are the youngsters today, with so much advise etc at the click of a button, jeez I remember getting the *period* talk and being told where they were hidden in case my Father saw them heaven forbid !

Just realised this is turning into another one of my rambles, so will end here.

Love your thoughts, please, please drop me a lil comment.

Love N Hugz
Lyn x