Sunday Bargains | Primark | H&M | Debenhams

Going shopping on Sunday's especially when you don't actually need anything is the time to mooch and get some serious bargains, coz lets be right, if you were looking you wouldn't find them !

First things first,  I always start in Primark, which actually is pretty dumb, as I end up back at the car park dropping off my big brown paper bags before heading off to any other shops,  Today was no exception, although most of my bags were my Grandaughters as she is heading off for a camping week with scouts, and of course you really need  new clothes for camping !  (shakes head)
I was quite restrained but managed to pick up some serious bargains. I have never tried make up from Primark, but last week I grabbed a lip liner for £1.00 that will match any one from MAC in terms of glide appeal, brilliant.

This week I was shocked to discover that a company could actually produce a nail polish for 80P, flipping heck, and a massive range of colours, I did have a little play today and so far so good, nice coverage, decent brush, time will tell :)  I also grabbed a little pot of what can only be described as shimmery shadow dust, I use MAC usually but for a measly quid I thought "how bad can it be ? "  and lo and behold it's not too shabby, not quite as shimmery as MAC but not bloody far off.  I also grabbed a new product for Primark again at the mental price of £1.50 a liquid Highlighter, it's lovely with a little sponge applicator
, beautifully shimmery. plus the tube is pink and rose gold so I didn't care if  it was rubbish it looked gorgeous lol. and next was the really rather cute silver and pearl necklace, the pearls sit just on your collar bone so looks as though you don't have a necklace on, brill, I love it ! and at £1.50 I love it even more :)

Who can leave Primark without shoes or sandals ? a pair of nude ballet pumps ended up in the big net bag at the princely sum of £3.50 !!!

The nude shimmery ballet pumps were in the 70% off sale in Debenhams at £16.40.

Talking of shoes......

I nipped into H&M and picked up the black suede heels that I was waiting to arrive in my size, and why wouldn't you at £14.99, mental price. the Coral Ballet pumps where again from the Debenhams sale at £6.20.
It could be said that I didn't need another 4 pairs of shoes, but I think you will agree that at the grand sum of  £41.09 it would have been daft not to :)

Love N Hugz
Lyn x