Reflexology by Natasha Edwards

Hiya gorgeous people, thanks so much for clicking x

I wanted to have a little chat about well being, we are all totally obsessed with clothes, beauty products etc but what about the inside, the bits you cant see ?

I would not consider myself to be a very spiritual person, in fact I am a pretty ordinary bird, I say it as it is and life for me is pretty much black and white, they only grey is on my roots !

You probably don't know but I have a lifelong illness which is pretty crap and maybe another blog post, but I don't know if it's this condition or getting older that has had me thinking more about alternative health.

I have done a ten day juice detox which actually was bloody fabulous, I didn't want to give it up in the end, but gave in to the *you should eat* crowd lol. I often juice and make green smoothies with the nutribullet which I love, and still I yo yo diet :(   and I do practise Yoga at home, in a fashion ! perfection is underrated lol. 
 My first venture into massage was a Christmas prez from my grandaughter, where we had a little Spa day............oh my lord, if you have never treated yourself DO IT !  I was so relaxed it was crazy, this bought me into thinking why do we not relax more ?  I don't mean slobbing out on the sofa, I am talking about that deep relaxation space that can only be achieved by specialist hands.

Fortunately for me one of my Girlfriends has recently undergone her Reflexology course ( she is already qualified in massage )  Lucky me, Natasha Edwards or Tash as known to her friends, has magic hands, she first approached me to be her guinea pig as she needed case studies, I didn't hesitate........not because I believed in the power of reflexology, I just fancied a foot massage lol, we did a few sessions and it was all very lovely, however as time has gone on I have found myself actually needing these sessions, the feeling of well being experienced during, and especially after is incredible, it really has made me think about more than the outside of my body, I always try and practise gratitude daily, as I think it is all too easy to think about what we don't have rather than be thankful for the things we do have, someone always has more, and good luck to them it can't impede my happiness, why would it ?  there is that cheesy old saying about * if you love what you have, you have everything you need *  how true is that ?

Please let me know how you look after yourself, what little things you do to feed your soul, I would love to hear your thoughts.

P.S  this is not an advert for my friend, I am not sharing her, unless you live in the Surrey and w Sussex area and beg and bribe me with gifts lol.

Love N Hugs
Lyn x