Perms , Max Factor Pan stick And Shaved Brows.

I Suddenly had a thought about how far the beauty industry has moved on since I was young,.....yes I do know it was a while ago :)  However not that long that it feels like a zillion years ago my Mum was spitting on her mascara !

For those of you too young to know what this was and are probably heaving at the thought, mascara came in a block with a strange little flat brush that you needed to wet to apply, well no one in their right mind was going out to the sink, so it was common place to spit on the block, and talk about value for money, my Mum used to whip over her brows with it too.

Now, while my Mum and her friends were going for the Liz Taylor look with big black hair and matching big black eyebrows, spit mascara had the brows covered, the hair.....that was another matter, Packet hair dye as it was known was so far removed from today's products it's crazy, one of the weirdest experiences I had as a kid, and trust me there were a few :)  was the day, Glam Mumma decides we are going shopping, up the high street ( Streatham) and is wearing her fabulous white linen duster coat, when along comes a typical Summer downpour, one of those that runs in the gutters and floods the road !

There was Mum, no brolly trotting along in her winkle picker sling backs, seamed stockings, and DARK BLUE hair dye streaming down her face like something from a horror movie, her coat looked at though it had been washed in ink, apparently the desired colour was Blue/Black lol. Best is, I got a telling off for not telling her it was happening lol.
Lizzie had a lot to answer for :)

Make up back then consisted of spit mascara, a powder compact, lippie that actually doubled as blusher ha ha, I was often given the lippie cheek treatment by my Nan for looking peaky ! what with that and the spitting on the hanky thing when you had dirt on your face !  ( lot of spit in those days ! )

When I reached the age of stealing this very small stash of products it really was outdated, I was lucky enough to have Rimmel and Max Factor as fav's my very first foundation was Max Factor Pan Stick, which I loved with a passion, mascara was actually in a tube back then, but no brush oh noooooo a very hard plastic comb in the tube, as for the eyebrows........what eyebrows ? it was the thing in school to shave them to within an inch of their life, which is why there is a generation of us wandering around lusting after decent brows.
Now that's a 70's brow !

Look at her lovely curls,  Oh I wanted them, being the perfect Mum,  mine trotted of to the chemist and bought a home perm......yup I can hear you laughing as you know where this is going !

You guessed it, I was the white girl at school with the Blonde Affro,  jeez what a good job I had thick skin ha ha, I was slaughtered by the Black girls.
( thanks Mum )

the  home perm
They Lied ha ha

If any of this rings any bells with you please let me know, I love ,love, love comments.

Love n Hugz
Lyn x


  1. Unfortunately I don't really have any of those stories passed down to me! My mother wasn't really one to wear makeup (and still isn't). As for my materna grandmother, well, looking nice was not typically on the top of the list of priorities. My mother's family is from a very small fishing village, most people were more concerned with putting food on the table!

    But I like stories like these, I think it's good to know how makeup came to be what it is today, as well as different fashions and trends throughout the years. The 20th century is filled with cool innovations and changes!

    Great post! Very entertaining :)


  2. We definitely must be of a similar age. I wrote about block mascara and panstick recently too. I don't think I ever bought maybelline back then and everything I had was Max Factor.

  3. Hi Hazel, I must have a lil read of that blog, it's funny how things from the past come to you, I went to school just up the Road to you, Garratt Green :)
    Lyn x


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