L'Oreal Paris Infallible Nail Polish Review

L'Oreal Paris Infallible Nail Polish 

I have only recently got really into the whole nail thing again, having spent 3 years with tips on it has taken me a while of looking ugly without nails to get them back into a good condition, as you know acrylics kill your real nails, but I was a white tip fan.

L'Oreal Paris infallible nail polish varnish review. no UV light required

Anyway, my fridge drawer is now looking pretty with lots of various colours. YES Fridge, it's a tip I learnt years ago, they last a zillion times longer and go on better, see Nanna knows best lol x

Yesterday while doing a banking run I once again fell into Superdrug as you do, and once again not needing anything ended up at the L'Oreal stand, there was a valid reason to be fair I wanted another Infallible Gloss in 210 Disco Ball, I love it that much I wanted a spare for the car.

L'Oreal Paris infallible nail polish varnish review. no UV light required

Digressing.......I spotted the infallible Nail Polish which the ad stand said replaces the need for a UV Light, well !!!  that's got to be good me thinks, it looked just gorgeous, a double ended tube with the polish at one end and the clear gel type varnish at the other. and of course it had to be pink ;)  the shade is actually 005 irresistible Bonbon.  a gorgeous non sparkle bubblegummy pink. at 7.99 there is a pretty good range of colours to choose from.

My nails did need doing so it was money well spent ha ha, On first thought I thought it may be a little awkward to use with the long tube, duhhhhhhh it comes apart leaving you with the two separate bottles, 
( clever) anyway, I really wanted to love this as I am a huge fan of L'Oreal but I'm not sure that Love would be the right word, it applies in a rather gloopy way but is actually pretty thin on coverage, I kept on with three coats in the end to try and stop it looking patchy, I gave up as I got bored waiting for each coat to dry, at my age I ain't got too much time left lol .  Next the Gel topcoat, which was actually lovely, and give it due it somehow made the polish look better and less patchy, the gloss is amazing, truthfully like a Gel Mani. 

L'Oreal Paris infallible nail polish varnish review. no UV light required

All in all they look OK, if not a bit thick, would I buy again ?  I don't think so unless the lasting power is amazing ( will get back to you on that one )

To be fair I have not tried any other L'Oreal polishes since getting my nails back, so I honestly cant say if this is a full representation of their varnishes, so it could be me.

if you want to test it out for yourself it is at Superdrug, HERE

Love N Hugz
Lyn x


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