Teen Bedroom Bedding

I couldn't resist this, it's for my almost teen Grandaughter's room in our house, 

now don't judge :)
I am not a one for cheesy sayings usually, BUT......this is one of my absolute favourite sayings so thought It a good reminder for a 12 year old who thinks it's ok to want Benefit make up ! probably coz Zoella says so lol, I love the internet :)

This King size duvet set was a stupid bargain  £18.00 for the king duvet and 2 pillowcases from Wilko 

 "When you love everything you have, you have everything you need  ! "

Brighten up your spare room, this and lot's more from Wilko, plain sets from £9.00

Love N Hugz


  1. That looks so nice and I'm currently on the lookout for new bedding; will have to check out wilko!

    Sarah- http://sarahchesterr.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. They have surprisingly good stuff Sarah :)


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