Soap and Glory Freebie Offer

How funny is it that Soap and Glory are my go to brand every Christmas and Birthday for my girls ? I always get a gift set as an add on prezzie and they always love it.  But I have never bought it for myself !
No reason, just never really given it much though although I adore the smell and the sets I buy as gifts, and who can't resist something pink ?

While out shopping the other day  noticed an offer on the Soap and Glory counter, spend 10.00 and get the Righteous Butter FREE

Well why wouldn't you ?  I went for the classis clean on me creamy clarifying shower gel and the unbeliveably good Flake away shea butter,sugar and peach seed powder spa body polish, which does exactly as it says on the label, any dry spots on the body are solved with one use of this glorious scrub. followed by the Righteous Butter it all felt like a bit of a treat, and at such a stupidly cheap price it felt like a bit of luxury for everyday use.

Get Soap and Glory deal here.

Love n Hugz

Lyn x